Positivity of peer to peer nominations in the workplace

Posted by Dan Kelly

Recognition in the workplace is a positive thing; there is no disputing this fact.  It helps staff to be motivated and engaged with both the company and their role within it. It can take many forms and be expressed in a multitude of ways.  Indeed many companies feel the pressure to keep their recognition programmes fresh to avoid any sense of rewards growing stale, as staff become increasingly familiar with them.  It is often best to keep things simple when trying to achieve a fresh outlook and, to this end, businesses are beginning to embrace the concept of peer-to-peer recognition.

We all like to feel appreciated and of course it’s immensely reassuring and enthusing when your manager gives you praise and recognition. What management teams are beginning to realise is that it can be equally inspiring and motivational to be praised by your peers in the workplace.

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Why peer-to-peer recognition is effective

This is a different kind of recognition and equal to, if not more meaningful than, a manager’s acknowledgment for various reasons.

At work our peers often:

  • Have a better idea of the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis
  • Are aware of the many small triumphs that mean so much, but that may go unnoticed by more senior staff.

We are also often more likely to confide in our equals in the workplace, and the team members we spend the most time with.  Again this naturally means that peers rather than management are aware of any additional hardships, perhaps even place outside work, which make workplace achievements all the more remarkable.  These are the sort of things that often inspire admiration and respect, and consequently drive peer recognition.

Empowerment and engagement

Similarly, facilitating peer-to-peer recognition also allows staff to nominate upwards.  If they feel their managers have gone over and above and deserve some form of reward, then there is a way for them to make it happen.  This is incredibly empowering for employees, as it demonstrates that their opinions are not only sought after, but also valued.

This in turn drives employee engagement as staff will naturally feel more interested in the business and their working environment if they feel they can have a real impact on it.  With many companies moving towards 360 appraisals and giving weight to feedback from junior members concerning their managers, this sort of recognition facility really drives positivity within the workplace.

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Team spirit and feedback

In addition to these happy consequences, peer-to-peer recognition brings a multitude of further benefits to the workplace.  As already mentioned it empowers employees to feel that their points of view are important, and thus it is motivational for the recommender as well as the “recommendee”.  It also has an inevitable knock-on effect on relationships within the office, boosting team spirit and engagement between staff members as well as with the company.

Peer to peer recognition is also a very useful tool to provide interim feedback during the year, with very little management input required.  Rather than staff having to wait twelve months for an appraisal they can spontaneously receive very honest feedback from a genuine source.  This also means that staff recognition doesn’t get forgotten about in busy periods when the pressure is on the management and time becomes a precious commodity.

Setting up a recognition programme

These sorts of recognition programmes are very easy to set up and run online, and once established it requires very little management input to keep them running.  Online points banking, like the system offered by Corporate Rewards, is a really straightforward route to rewards and recognition for your staff.

It can be designed to fit your company’s exact requirements and branding, and enable you to easily provide performance tracking, sales incentives and, crucially, peer-to-peer nominations, alongside other services.  The user-friendly interface means that it’s appealing to staff so that they can easily get involved and make the most of the system, be it to monitor their own progress towards an award, or to nominate a teammate in recognition of their hard work or achievements.

It’s pretty clear that peer-to-peer recognition can have significant impact on staff morale and the workplace in general.  Indeed, why ignore an initiative that could bring so much positivity and engagement to your working environment?

A recognition programme that fits your requirements

Setting up an employee recognition programme where peer-to-peer recognition is a key focus is a good way to motivate all your workforce – from those being recognised to those recognising others. So it’s important to have a scheme that fits your business requirements and budget.

At CR Worldwide, we provide a range of effective employee recognition programmes, which are designed to increase morale, improve employee performance, and generate staff development. They are:

Easy to implement – Our recognition schemes can be set up quickly. They can also be easily tailored to suit your staff and their needs, your business and their goals.

Easy to use – We offer simple ways to reward your staff’s hard work and achievements that makes them feel valued. In turn, this can improve their performance, strengthen their loyalty, and instantly form an emotional bond with your business and brand.

Easy to manage – Our programmes offer real-time reporting that allows your company managers to keep track of staff achievements easily, so they can recognise and reward them instantly as they reach new goals. A range of inspiring rewards can also be selected from a catalogue.

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