Identifying rising stars in your business

Posted by David Gould

Companies should assess the high performers within their business and look to not only acknowledge their hard work but to actively reward it.

Knowing where to look when identifying exceptional performance can vary depending on your business sector, the KPIs you track, and the systems to have in place for reporting performance.

What behaviours to look for

As a business, you’ll have a minimum standard that you expect your team members to meet. This helps ensure they maintain certain professional standards and high levels of performance – whatever their position in the business. In most organisations though, there’s at least one employee who shows exemplary capability.

When team members exhibit behaviours that go beyond your usual expectations, they should be acknowledged. Consider the tangible impact their actions have made. Positive influences on the business productivity might include:

  • Increased sales
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Better morale
  • Streamlined processes

Your performance tracking systems can highlight some of these areas, such as exceeding quarterly KPIs.

It’s also possible to have systems in place to empower employees and allow them to nominate their peers as for going above and beyond their role. This is a way of enabling an employee to thank their colleague for providing support during busy periods, or for providing tips and additional training. Or it could be to praise them for some work they’ve done which they admire or has inspired them.

These nominations could then be validated by a member of management and converted into points which add to that team member’s overall progress within a wider rewards program.

This model would provide you with the means to identify top performers within your business through multiple means. Logging this level of performance also enables you to take steps to help encourage it on an ongoing basis.

Acknowledge, reward, maintain

Employees exhibiting behaviours that go above and beyond should be acknowledged and rewarded. This way they know their efforts are appreciated and they are more likely to continue acting in that way.

Rewarding team members reinforces the image that your business pays attention to its employees and recognises their efforts. Rewards for individuals don’t need to be high-value vouchers, or points redeemed against a catalogue of prizes. Simply acknowledging effort can be enough of an incitement to keep working hard.

It also has an additional effect on other team members as they see their colleagues rewarded, encouraging them to follow their example and produce increased performance across your wider business.

Why high performance matters

Encouraging improved performance can create a culture within your business where employees will go that extra mile because they know it will be appreciated.

Employees that go further will make your business more effective, such as through increased sales or higher levels of customer service. They can also develop and upskill other team members by leading by example and serving as well-rounded, high-performers within your business.

Their performance can also be utilised to boost new starters through shadowing or training, with the view to helping them to adopt similar successful techniques and behaviours.

If your team are all performing well, you can use an incentive to introduce a sense of friendly competition amongst them. Doing this can drive improved performance, but also provide an opportunity to offer a larger reward to capture attention and give them additional goals to achieve. Consider a quarterly reward to give your top performing employees something additional to aspire to, allowing you to identify the leading lights within your business. This is especially useful if they are consistently performing well and meeting or exceeding targets. This additional extra push can help to stave off complacency and ensure that performance levels remain high.

Helping you maintain performance and reward employees

Identifying high performers within your business, and then taking steps to keep motivating and rewarding them, can help you create leaders within your team.

Rewards and incentives can provide additional challenges for high performers, keeping them engaged and focused, while also offering new employees an opportunity to show what they can achieve.

At CR Worldwide, we can plan, organise and run effective employee recognition programmes that can increase morale, performance and development across your business. Our employee recognition schemes are:

Easy to implement – Our recognition schemes can be quickly set up, and easily tailored to suit your employees, their needs and your business goals.    

Easy to use – We provide simple methods to reward hard work and achievements in a way that makes employees feel valued, improves their performance and enhances their loyalty, while creating an instant emotional bond with your brand.

Easy to manage – Our programmes offer real-time reporting, allowing managers to easily keep track of employee achievements to instantly recognise and reward and help them reach new goals. A range of exciting rewards can also be selected from a catalogue that we provide.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our employee recognition schemes. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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