Benefits of having brand ambassadors in your business

Posted by Juliet Caswell

Brand ambassadors are people who will talk about your company in a positive light. And, with the right approach, they can be found in your staff – embodying your brand and what your business stands for.

But a brand ambassador can bring many benefits to a business. From adding value to sharing positive message on your social channels, this blog explains the benefits of having brand ambassadors in your business.

Making staff more valuable

If you’ve invested resource, time and money in training, particularly incentivised learning, you can create brand ambassadors along the way. This is because beyond boosting day-to-day staff performance, training can leave your employees thinking positive thoughts about you and your business for investing in them. It also demonstrates that you value their contribution. This newfound expertise and positive point of view will make your staff even more valuable in a brand ambassador role.

Giving your company the human touch

Highly engaged members of staff will convey exactly the sort of brand image that you want to communicate.

As well as sharing the right messages with plenty of potential customers, brand ambassadors also give your company a human touch, making it much more approachable and friendly.

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They can also add credibility, which is invaluable in any business.

People can usually tell when someone genuinely believes in a brand or service. So if your staff are sharing the right messages voluntarily, and without coercion, it can send a seriously strong message from your business to the outside world. In fact, according to marketing agency, companies that foster brand ambassadors experience on average a 19.2% increase in income.

Helping on the inside

And it’s not just the external communications – those people on the outside of a business – that benefit. Brand ambassadors are just as valuable in helping with a company’s internal messaging. Peer-to-peer interaction can carry a great deal of weight. So if the conversations taking place around the office are positive, it can have a huge impact on morale, general workplace ambience and even staff retention.

How to encourage brand ambassadors

There are ways to foster this sort of organic communication. Ensuring that training programmes and upskilling is in place is a great start, as your staff will feel valued.  Beyond this, implementing a staff recognition programme will help amplify this message of feeling valued further. It can show staff that you’re willing to shout about and reward their good performance.

Peer-to-peer recognition can be particularly powerful too. It can empower staff to nominate those colleagues they believe have delivered above and beyond their remit. Not only can doing this generate positive feelings about your workforce, which your employees will want to share, it also gives staff names of specific people that they can tell others about.

This kind of approach is particularly powerful because it can involve many members of your team. As a result, you’re not creating one or two potential brand ambassadors, but many. And the more you have, the more likely positive messages about your brand will be told, heard and repeated – increasing the impact they could have. This should reinforce the credibility of you brand, while giving your business a desirable reputation.

Proactive brand ambassadors

A step beyond this is when your staff deliberately share positive messaging about your brand because they proactively want to help your business do well. So it’s important for employees to recognise that your company will use its success and profit to continue to reinvest in them. If they do, they’ll be more likely to want to contribute to this success, for their own benefit, as well as the good of the company.

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Ambassadors online

Even better, if your staff take to social media to send positive messages about your brand far and wide, people are more likely to pay attention. According to news website Social Media Today, content shared by employees receives eight times more engagement than content shared by brand channels. Online messaging like this can also be encouraged and directed if you provide staff with material or content that can easily be shared. This might be as simple as using a hashtag to reference a regular team lunch or the announcement of your reward and recognition winners – occasions which your staff are more inclined to share.

Ambassadors beyond staff

It’s important to point out that it’s not only your staff who can become great brand ambassadors for your business. Your customers can be a powerful voice on your behalf too. If they receive a great experience, thanks to your dedicated and well-trained staff, then they’re likely to share genuine recommendations and become advocates for your brand too.

Helping you create brand ambassadors for your business

Regardless of your industry or market, brand ambassadors can help your business grow by broadening the reach of your messaging and ensuring this messaging is positive. Credible communication like this should raise brand awareness, drive web traffic, increase your social reach, and help to build and protect your company’s reputation.

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