6 ways to motivate and retain your staff this year

Posted by Juliet Caswell

The beginning of a new year can be the perfect time to introduce a fresh approach to motivating and retaining employees in your business. This period is brimming with new year resolutions and passionate decisions to make a change for the better. As many of your employees will probably be making these commitments, it’s also a great time to demonstrate that you are behind them. This is especially pertinent given that they might be making resolutions regarding work, be it finding a new role or wanting to progress in their current position.

Why motivate and retain employees in a new year?

Finding a way to reverse this seasonal trend is crucial to a happy working environment and avoiding costly recruitment fees, as our blog post, Advantages of employee retention, explains.

Many of us will spend a high proportion of our time in the workplace, so, the more enjoyable the experience can be, the happier your staff will be, and the longer they will want to stick around. It’s advisable to kick off the new year with a bang, so that your workforce gets stuck in with gusto. With all this in mind, we’ve listed six ways to help motivate and retain your employees this year and what’s wise to think about to get the most from your team.


It’s important to build a business and an environment that people want to be a part of.

Consider running a staff survey for a true bearing on how your workforce feels.

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This activity alone can demonstrate that you value your staff. Following this, you can use the feedback to make tangible improvements and positive proactive changes.

In addition to this, it’s a good idea to embrace your company values and encourage staff to live by them in their everyday working lives. Ideally, incorporate them into your employee recognition activities, whereby staff are rewarded for their performance in line with your values.


Teams require good leadership that incorporates excellent communication, guidance and encouragement to keep them engaged and involved. Strong leaders should also set an example by keeping focused and driving development, while monitoring staff’s work and life balance. This helps ensure employees don’t stay too late or get stressed, and can get through periods of intense work to keep up their motivation and positivity.

New year, new focus

Try making this new year your springboard into a fresh approach by setting fresh targets, so that all employees know where they are, in terms of production, and what they need to achieve. This can help keep them focussed, so that you have the best chance of attaining goals. You can also drive this with an incentive programme to ensure your employees are just as motivated as you. With the right rewards in place, for instance, staff should be extra-keen to hit their targets and help make more money for your company. And, remember, the more desirable the rewards, the bigger the motivator, so why not include incentive travel as an added push for success.


You can recognise and praise top performers, so they feel appreciated, as a way to motivate and retain. Instant recognition prizes, such as vouchers or pre-paid cards can be ideal morale boosters, which encourage further hard work and help strengthen loyalty. Peer-to-peer recognition is also a valuable tool that allows colleagues to nominate each other. Many employees like to receive acknowledgements from peers, which makes this a powerful incentive.

Online incentive programmes also allow you to recognise and respond to poor performers, so that you can step in with training and support to improve the situation.

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Learning and development

It’s important to make sure your staff are equipped and prepared for the job at hand with training and development to improve their skills and knowledge. Whether you choose external training courses or online training quizzes that can take place in-house, these can link to an incentives scheme. For instance, points can be awarded to those staff who complete these opportunities for development to give employees additional motivation.


A typical new year’s resolution centres around well-being, so why not incorporate this into your workplace? Following the usual festive overindulgence’s, it’s a good idea to encourage staff to adopt new, healthy behaviours. You could offer healthy snacks or smoothies in the office, negotiate a discounted membership with your local gym, or set up a lunchtime yoga class to keep your staff feeling relaxed and invigorated, as healthy staff can be much more productive.

Helping you to recognise and reward your best employees

Taking steps to show staff you’re paying attention and acknowledging their hard work is key to improving morale and reducing staff churn. Recognition schemes are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to suit specific interests or budgets.

At CR Worldwide, we can plan, organise and run effective employee recognition programmes that can increase morale, performance and staff development across your business. Our employee recognition schemes are:

Easy to implement – Our recognition schemes can be quickly set up, and easily tailored to suit your staff, their needs and your business goals.

Easy to use – We provide simple methods to reward your staff’s hard work and achievements in a way that makes them feel valued, improves their performance and enhances their loyalty, while creating an instant emotional bond with your brand.

Easy to manage – Our programmes offer real-time reporting allowing managers to easily keep track of staff achievements to instantly recognise and reward and reach new goals. A range of exciting rewards can also be selected from a catalogue that we provide.

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