4 top tips to banish your employees ‘January Blues’

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

It’s January… the Christmas bubble (or should I say bauble) has well and truly burst. The festive period is over and it’s back to work, back to reality.

The bank balance is lighter, the waistband is heavier and the comfort, fun and happiness from the festivities with family and friends, is over for another year.

So it’s not surprising that returning to normal life isn’t so appealing and employees will adopt the dreaded ‘January Blues’… feeling tired, unmotivated, lacking energy and focus.

But the outlook for January doesn’t need to be so grim. The New Year is a time for fresh starts. A time to reflect on the previous year, set the precedent for the coming year and put the plans in place to make this year more successful and rewarding.

In order to ensure the ‘January Blues’ don’t become the ‘February Blues’ too, it’s important to get the team back in the swing of things as soon as possible.

Our previous blog ‘What makes a good leader’ explains that it is the responsibility of the leader to set an example and lead from the front; to be passionate about the task in hand and inspire and motivate the team to focus and achieve desired results.

Here are our four top tips to making a New Year impact with your employees:

Generate enthusiasm 

The energy and atmosphere generated in the workplace can have an effect on staff, performance and morale. The feeling of negativity has the opportunity to curb creativity, reduce new ideas and divert attention away from the company objectives.

So it’s important to deflect the ‘January blues’ feelings and reenergise employees. As a leader, your attitude and behaviour will drive this. You need to feel positive, which in turn will affect your team.

To help generate enthusiasm, you need something for staff to look forward to that will be energetic and fun. Why not introduce a team building event or social event? Something that will refocus the team, it’s upbeat and entertaining.

Even a team lunch on a Friday afternoon will lighten the mood and enthuse staff to apply themselves.

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Set targets

To help motivate employees, distract them from any pessimistic feelings, by setting them targets. By having something to work towards and goals to achieve, will help them to understand what their purpose and role is within the company. And although they might be feeling downhearted, ultimately they need to understand that they are employed to do a job and are expected to contribute suitably.

Communicate the overall company vision and create an individual plan with key measureable objectives for them to achieve. Set deadlines and milestones so they know what needs to be accomplished and when. Don’t forget to add in a performance review, so you can appraise their efforts.


A key factor in driving motivation amongst a team member, is the feeling of being recognised for their work and achievements. Acknowledging employees for a job they have done well, will make them feel valued and encourages them to continue doing what they do effectively.

The impact of simply saying thank you, can go a long way. These two words, can have an overwhelming effect on employee engagement and productivity.

In addition, an online recognition platform is also an effective way to drive employee performance. As a manager, it enables you to reward individual behaviours and achievements, whilst increasing employee engagement, motivation and enthusiasm within a team. In turn, workforce productivity will be enhanced, sales will be increased and your business results will improve.

Promote workplace wellbeing

One of the most popular New Year resolutions people pledge, it to lose weight. The chances are several of your team will be looking to achieve this, as they are feeling sluggish from all the Christmas over-indulgence.

As we know, it’s important as an employer to invest in workplace wellbeing and fruit is a fantastic superfood that can help concentration and productivity levels.

So why not show your support to staff and their resolution, by providing complimentary fruit platters for employees to enjoy?

This show of appreciation will hopefully give staff the boost they need to feel reenergised.

Helping you make a year more productive and prosperous

The New Year is an opportunity to start fresh and achieve success. You need a fully focused team to accomplish this. Follow these top tips to help refocus employees and make the next 12 months into a prosperous year.

Acknowledging efforts from your team early in the year, and maintaining this level of attention can help to boost morale, drive sales and improve the productivity of staff across your business.

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