Using incentivised learning to upskill your sales team

Posted by Juliet Caswell

Incentivised learning is a unique approach to e-learning in business that brings reward incentives and learning together to get the best results from your employees and, in turn, your business.

This article explains how this form of online learning works and can be effectively applied to a sales incentives scheme to help upskill your salespeople, improve their performance, and increase your sales.

How incentivised learning works

Traditional e-learning is generally about building up the knowledge of staff through different forms of training. But employees would be expected to do this training as part of their job.

This is where incentivised learning differs – employees are given a reward incentive to successfully complete the training. As well as incentivising them to do well in the training, this ensures they feel informed, included and valued in the framework within which they’re working. It also helps to communicate the importance and gravitas that the employer places on that training.

Applying incentivised learning to a sales incentives scheme

Incentivised learning can be applied to different services, including a sales incentives scheme – the main concept being that your sales staff are rewarded for building up their knowledge about the products they sell.

When applied to a sales incentive scheme, incentivised learning is not just about completing training to help sell a product. It is also about achieving behavioural change.

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Getting employees to increase their product knowledge is important because:

  • It is easier for staff to sell products they know well
  • The more knowledge they have, the more confidence they have in selling
  • Customers are more likely to purchase a product if the salesperson shows themselves to be an expert in their field


Areas where staff could improve their knowledge include a product’s USPs and details of how an item works, its features and benefits, and how it compares with earlier designs or a similar product from a competitor.

You can tailor your incentivised learning program so that training incorporates a variety of areas. Rather than being rewarded with money, they could strive to collect badges, certificates, or points, which can accumulate towards a bigger reward.

When applied to a sales incentive scheme, incentivised learning is not just about completing training to help sell a product – unlike traditional e-learning. It is also about achieving behavioural change. Yes, the salesperson is rewarded for completing training, but they could also be given the incentive of receiving an additional reward when they sell that particular product. This means they are rewarded for achieving that change in behaviour within their sales performance.

Managers can also set goals for employees to strive for following the training, which could be tied into the individual’s KPIs and the wider sales incentive scheme. This could include goals to sell a certain amount of products, which the training has covered, in an agreed period of time.

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Effective incentivised learning for your sales team

Incentivised learning should be made up of a variety of factors to ensure optimum quality and effectiveness. These could include:

  • Combining types of e-learning together to keep it engaging and interesting, such as text driven, interactive, or simulated gamification
  • Focusing on microlearning by providing bite-sized pieces of information. These can each be consumed in minutes, rather than providing heavy pieces of content that might be difficult to digest.
  • Aiming to help staff build different skills, not just their product knowledge. This could include focusing on communication, such as not just what to know about product, but how to communicate that information to the customer.

Online learning programs to help drive your sales further

Our incentivised learning programs can help give your sales team the skills, knowledge and expertise to drive your sales and increase revenue within your business.

At CR Worldwide, we quickly design, launch and optimise powerful and unique e-learning programs that drive increased sales in your business. Our incentivised learning schemes are: 

Easy to implement — They can be tailored to suit your requirements, meaning you can be ready to implement your online learning scheme fast. 

Easy to use — They are made to be straightforward, interesting and engaging, so your staff can win rewards as they complete training and apply their new knowledge to their daily roles. 

Easy to manage — They offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This means you can efficiently manage, organise and track your team’s sales performance as they complete training and build their knowledge, so you can get the most value from your online learning program.

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