How to implement e-learning

Posted by Dan Kelly

Having an employee base that has a comprehensive knowledge of your products and services is fundamental to driving business performance.

Moreover, being able to translate this understanding into resolving a customer’s need is crucial for driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Providing a platform that makes product and company information easily accessible helps to ensure staff remain knowledgeable -– it is especially useful around periods of new product or service launches.

Creating a robust platform

Implementing an easy to use e-learning platform means business information is always accessible.

Before developing the platform, consider what format your information will be disseminated in. You could present it in several ways, for instance:

  • Freely accessible information sheets, purely for knowledge sharing
  • A step-by-step training path
  • A series of modules, each with a test at the end

You also need to consider whether users will be rewarded for going over each piece of information, or is the e-learning simply a tool to help them to be better informed?

If you choose to provide information through training modules, staff might be targeted on completing them within a set time-frame, to ensure they’re clued up on developments within your business. Typically, this involves subjects that they need to understand before they start dealing with customers, for example:

  • Changes to your company policy, such as how you handle returns
  • New product launches
  • Changes to services

E-learning can allow your staff to learn about such changes and confirm they’ve understood them. This allows managers to ensure that all employees have the same level of training, which enables them to maintain a consistent level of service.

Ideally, you want your staff to be excited and engaged by your e-learning platform. This can motivate them to make use of it and incorporate it into their progression and training, while working for you.

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A launch event

An event, such as a launch party or sales floor hype day, is a great way to showcase the introduction of a new business tool. Making the launch of your e-learning platform into an occasion is sure to capture the attention of your staff and encourage them to make use of the system. You could incorporate a short training session and trial/testing station for everyone to take a look at the tool. Then, in teams, you could hold a quiz based on the modules they’ve looked through and give a prize to the winner.

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Incentivised use

An event is a fantastic way to launch your e-learning platform, but how do you encourage its continued use?

Incentivising e-learning could be the answer, giving staff tangible motivation to work through training modules.

You might have incentives in place that rewards staff, giving points which they can then redeem against different rewards. E-learning could be used to tie into the same system, with k rewarded for completing training. This then allows them to continue working towards their desired reward, helping them to take what they’ve learnt through the e-learning and apply it to their role.

Helping your business benefit from incentivised learning

E-learning is a fantastic way to provide your entire team with the same level of training. It can also ensure that there is consistency across how your products are sold and how company guidelines are presented to your customers. It demonstrates that you take an active role in employee development, which can boost morale and brand loyalty across your staff.

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Easy to manage — Our programmes offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This makes managing, organising, tracking performance and assessing the value of your incentive schemes simple.

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