How incentivised learning boosts your sales channel

Posted by Juliet Caswell

Incentivised learning is a form of online learning developed to be integrated with CR’s MyRewards platform. It brings e-learning and rewards programs together. It can be applied to many areas of your business, including your sales team.

If your business sells via a sales channel, this form of providing learning and rewarding can benefit those salespeople too, boosting your sales as a result.

How incentivised learning and e-learning differ

While traditional e-learning generally involves using different forms of online training that aim to build up employees’ knowledge, incentivised learning provides employees with a reward for successfully completing that training.

With e-learning, employees are expected to do training as part of their job. But with incentivised learning, the opportunity to earn or win rewards negates the impression that it’s enforced behaviour. Instead, it shows that an employee’s engagement in training is valued from the employer’s point of view and that employee development is desirable. As a result, the training becomes something an employee Is motivated to participate in, and it also acts to increase brand engagement.

Applying incentivised learning to your sales channel

The concept of incentivised learning when applied to partners is that channel sales teams are rewarded for building their knowledge of the products they sell on your behalf. You can tailor an incentivised learning program in many different ways – factors to consider include the nature of your product, areas for improvement, and the sales channel incentive schemes you use. For example:

  • An incentivised learning program can tie in with the start of your sales channel incentive scheme and run alongside it. For instance, team members can start a program to develop sales skills once you have given out sales targets.


  • Incentivised learning programs can be set up to focus specifically on those products you want to sell most. These could include your latest lines, supporting services that you are focusing on to strengthen your sales, or a group of items you’ve chosen to sell as a bundle.


  • You could use incentivised learning to target key aspects of your products. In doing this, your sales channel employees could improve their knowledge of a product’s USPs and features and benefits, or details of how an item works and how it compares with a previous design.


  • Tailor your incentivised learning program so that training incorporates a variety of rewards. Rather than being rewarded with prizes, for instance, team members could strive to collect badges, certificates, or points, which can lead towards bigger rewards.

The concept of incentivised learning when applied to partners is that channel sales teams are rewarded for building their knowledge of the products they sell on your behalf.

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Motivates sales teams to sell more

A key benefit of putting an incentivised learning program in place for a sales team is that it motivates individuals to learn more and do better in their jobs. Adding a reward incentive gives learning a hook, making it interesting and exciting. This helps to engage an individual and make them feel valued, motivating them to sell more of your products faster and exceed your sales targets.

Increases sales confidence

Selling new and unfamiliar products can be overwhelming for members of a disparate sales team. But, if they are given the opportunity to build up their knowledge of said products, they will feel more capable to talk about them and find it easier to sell them. In turn, this can boost their confidence and help to improve sales.

Demonstrates new knowledge fast

Rewarding successful learning can help sales channel teams build up new product knowledge in good time. Individuals can then quickly demonstrate that new-found knowledge by selling those products that have been covered in the incentivised learning program they have completed.

Keeps your brand front of mind

Providing your sales channel team with incentivised learning opportunities can make your brand stand out from your competitors, as they see your brand offering something they are not. With rewards up for grabs, sales teams are likely to pay more attention to your offering – from understanding your services to selling your products well – keeping your brand front of mind.

Creates brand ambassadors

In making channel salespeople feel more knowledgeable, valued, capable and confident in selling your products, you can create brand ambassadors in your external sales teams. These are people who embody your brand and everything it stands for. They will respect your brand above others they sell for, get excited about your products and be passionate about selling them, and be willing to do more for your business. They are even likely to promote your offering outside of work and across the social media channels they use.

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Online learning to help incentivise your sales channel 

Incentivised learning will give your channel sales team what they need to boost your sales – from building their knowledge and motivating them to sell more of your products, to creating brand ambassadors that will do more for your brand.

At CR Worldwide, we quickly design, launch and optimise powerful and unique incentivised online learning programs to help you achieve the sales you want and need. Our incentivised learning schemes are:

Easy to implement — They can be tailored to suit your requirements, meaning you can be ready to implement an online learning scheme for your sales channel fast.

Easy to use — They are made to be straightforward, interesting and engaging, so sales channel teams can win rewards as they complete learning and apply their new knowledge to their daily roles.

Easy to manage — They offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This means you can efficiently manage, organise and track a sales channel individual’s performance as they complete training and build their knowledge, allowing you to get the most value from your online learning programs.

We’d love to excite, engage, inspire and upskill your sales channel team with our unique incentivised online learning programs. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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