How gamification can take your e-learning to the next level

Posted by Dan Kelly

Gamification is defined as the concept of applying game design thinking to non-game applications. It can be used in different ways in business, including with e-learning to help make this form of training, educating and upskilling employees more effective and engaging for the user.

When applied to online learning, there are different types of gamification and a variety of ways it can take your e-learning program up a notch, benefiting your employees and, in turn, your business.

What makes effective e-learning and how gamification can help

There are many different factors that can make e-learning efficient and provide a high quality of learning for employees. It should, for instance:

  • Be simple to understand and easy to digest
  • Reinforce the message you want to give
  • Be interesting and engaging
  • Consist of a mixture of formats to help with engagement such as visual and interactive learning

By utilising gamification, it can help to simplify information, reinforce messages and increase engagement.

Types of gamification

There are different types of gamification that can be applied to e-learning. These include:

Use of an avatar – Where employees can place themselves in a game by playing a character that must progress through different levels. This can work when everyone in a company needs to undergo training, such as to learn about a company and its range of products.

Simulations – Where virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) is used to create simulations of environments. This could be used to teach employees about Health and Safety or a hazardous situation in the workplace, without putting them in harm’s way.

Task-oriented approach – Where a specific approach is used to teach employees a specific process. For instance, users are given a task with tools and options to complete it.

Rewards for learning

By asking employees or sales staff to participate in e-learning, it is ultimately to benefit the business – better knowledge, increased productivity and stronger performance.

Adding gamification to an e-learning program will engage the user, but adding a reward element for their progress will lead to more commitment to complete the training and in turn the business objectives being achieved.

Badges – Users have a series of tasks to successfully complete. Once they have passed, they unlock a badge which could also provide a prize.

Leaderboards – Create friendly competition between employees and those who are in pole position are rewarded for their performance.

Points – Points are awarded for successfully completing the online training, which can be turned into prizes within an online reward catalogue that’s part of the e-learning program.

By utilising gamification, it can help to simplify information, reinforce messages and increase engagement.

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5 benefits of gamification in e-learning

So what are the benefits of gamification when it’s applied to e-learning? Here are five top reasons:

  • Higher engagement

Gamification makes e-learning more fun for employees. A higher level of fun makes the learning more interesting and, in turn, creates a higher level of engagement.

  • Easier to digest

The setup and structure of gamification, such as it being made up of tasks and levels, helps break up information into bite-size chunks – following a similar approach to microlearning. This makes it easier to digest and understand things like heavy or complex topics.

  • Better retention

The world that gamification creates, from visuals to interactive content, stands out, making what it teaches and what employees learn easier to remember. Information that‘s more engaging and easier to understand is also easier to retain.

  • Instant feedback

Gamification allows employees to get feedback instantly, from the answers they have got right or wrong. For instance, when they complete a task or progress through the stages of a level.

  • Applying to different learning

This approach to e-learning can also be used to fulfil different learning needs. For example, explaining company values for inductions and onboarding new employees, through to upskilling experienced sales teams to sell new products.

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Using gamification within your e-learning programs can help make them even more engaging and effective.

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