Why implementing trade partner programmes for home & building businesses can improve customer loyalty

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

To stay competitive in a busy marketplace, construction resellers should fulfil a number of business objectives. They should aim to create strong brand awareness, so customers keep them front of mind when they need to make a purchase. Their sell-through of stock should keep profits up, while creating space for new products. And they should aim to build loyalty with their customers to drive repeat visits.

An ideal route to achieving all of this when running a B2B company in the home and building sector is to implement a trade partner marketing loyalty programme. This blog explains why implementing one can improve loyalty and incentivise your customers to keep coming back to your store.

How does it work?

Well, it’s very straightforward. The basic premise is that customers can earn cumulative points for each spend by uploading proof of their spends to an online portal. These points can then be redeemed against a catalogue of prizes. Customers simply register their purchases via an online platform, which can be accessed by any device. This means they can register immediately after making a purchase. For instance, a builder could register their purchases on their mobile phone, after leaving a store, on their way back to their van.

Reaching your customers

Having a system like this in operation facilitates a direct line to your customers, giving you another reason to get in touch with them. This can lead to increased engagement. It can also encourage them to visit your store more, as you can contact them via SMS (text message) to keep them up to date with your current promotions, product launches and business events. Compared with email, this is a much quicker and more direct form of communication. Customers are also more likely to see messages when they appear on their phones.

Having a programme like this in place allows you to deliver added value to your customers by making them feel important.

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Added value

You can contact them about tactical campaigns and special offers that are relevant to them, whereby they could earn bonus points when they purchase certain products or bundles. And this can work to your advantage too, perhaps enabling you to clear out-of-date SKUs or ranges that haven’t been great sellers – a quick and easy route to increase your shelf space.

Points for prizes

Your rewards catalogue can be tailored to your audience to ensure that it suits your unique brand of customer and encourages them to keep spending. For instance, you could include products they can use in their line of work or rewards they can use in everyday life, like shopping or restaurant vouchers. Alternatively, more aspirational prizes, like smart phones or quality sports equipment, can be very motivating and positioned as a “goal item” feature. You can then set up a countdown that visibly shows their points accumulated against the item, so they can see them as they get closer to winning the reward – a great tactic for driving repeat visits and increased spend.

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Specific promotions can be really effective at driving engagement with your loyalty programme and encouraging custom. Providing tangible, on-the-spot prizes in your store, like scratchcards or merchandise, can help achieve this. They can also allow you to work with your product manufacturers to push individual ranges, new launches, or even underperforming items. You can also tie promotions to seasonal periods, perhaps offering a football night-in when the season kicks off. This could include a beer bucket, football shirts, and takeaway pizza. If budget allows, you could even offer a star prize, such as a holiday or tickets to the Cup Final.

Business benefits

In addition to all this, implementing an online trade marketing customer loyalty platform has many other benefits. It can help you to:

  • Reduce admin time when managing your loyalty programme
  • Reduce the number of people involved in running it
  • Quickly implement new promotions
  • Reduce the often time-consuming manual claims process, like when customers claim their rewards
  • Reduce time to process claims
  • Easier to track customers’ sales claims
  • Provide live reporting on ROI, budget spend, and performance against KPIs
  • Provide an aspirational reward offering
  • Offer a compelling reason for customers to keep coming back to you

Helping you keep your businesses’ B2B customers loyal

Loyalty programmes help you to build and maintain key relationships with suppliers.

At CR Worldwide, we can design, launch and optimise customer loyalty programmes that help to keep your B2B customers returning to your business again and again. Our customer loyalty schemes are:

Easy to implement — Our loyalty schemes can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements, allowing you to launch effective loyalty campaigns quickly and easily for your customers.

Easy to use — Our platforms are made to be straightforward, allowing you to efficiently track things like usage and product performance, while helping your customers to simply track their points, rewards and progress.

Easy to manage — Our programmes offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This makes managing, organising and tracking the success of your customer loyalty schemes quick and simple.

We love helping businesses to reach out, engage and retain their B2B customers, using our customer loyalty schemes. To speak to a member of our award-winning team: