The benefits of B2B customer loyalty for FMCG companies

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are reliant on retailers, such as supermarkets and high-street brands, to sell their products successfully. If you’re involved in the sales and business development of a FMCG company, focussing on customer loyalty is a great way to keep retailers coming back to you to buy your products and sell them in their stores.

However, the benefits of B2B customer loyalty for FMCG companies don’t stop there, as this blog explains.

Improving engagement and reputation

A key benefit of customer loyalty for FMCG companies is that it can increase retailer engagement. A more loyal customer is a customer that’s more engaged in your brand and your offerings. By setting up customer loyalty schemes, like incentive and rewards for buying from you and selling your stock, retailers can also become engaged in shifting your top FMCG goods for you. Managing Directors can look at ways to sell more in their stores and build brand engagement in their teams to focus on promoting your products. They can also become more engaged in what your brand is bringing next, like your new lines and future product developments.

Retailers who are more engaged are typically more positive, so are more likely to say good things about you as a business and promote to others. This can range from what managers say to colleagues and friends, through to how buyers and directors talk about you when networking at a conference. Consequently, this can give your company a good reputation, with people thinking positively about your brand and seeing you as reliable and trustworthy business.

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Increasing sales and pushing products

As customer loyalty can help retailers become engaged in buying and selling your FMCG goods, it can help to maintain and increase your product sales. This can, in turn, help to increase your market share. But, adding to this, online loyalty schemes can also help push and boost the product sales you want. By providing incentives on selected products and rewarding retailers for buying them you can encourage them to stock your latest products, make repeat purchases, or buy more in bulk to upsell to their customers.

In addition to this, you can also use customer loyalty campaigns to help retailers push through your less popular products. Or you could use a scheme to help sell off last season’s stock to free up shelf space in warehouses as your new ranges come in.

Building relationships and creating brand ambassadors

Building a stronger relationship can also help strengthen your lines of communication, as well as improving important business factors like trust and reliability, all while further boosting retailer engagement.

Focussing on your retailers, paying them attention, and rewarding them for their loyalty can all help strengthen the relationship you have with them. This can make them feel valued, important and appreciated. Not just a business that you supply to, but a key part of your strong business team.

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Having stronger relationships built on value, appreciation and trust can also create brand ambassadors in the retailers you sell to. These are people who embody your brand and will talk about it passionately. They are more than happy to promote it and will want to be part of anything associated with it. They can range from directors and senior managers right through to teams of assistants working on the shop floor. Such brand ambassadors could be ideal for doing anything from selling your key FMCG lines quickly, to referring other local businesses to stock up on your products too and ultimately recommend to the end customer.

You can learn more about the advantages of having access to these people in our blog, Benefits of having brand ambassadors in your business. 

Helping your FMCG business with B2B customer loyalty

Focussing on B2B customer loyalty can bring many benefits when you’re a key player in the business development of a FMCG company. From engaging retailers you sell to and boosting the sales you want, to strengthening relationships and creating ambassadors to show your brand in the best possible light, good customer loyalty schemes and programmes don’t just ensure your retailers keep coming back. They can also help shape them into the customers that you want and need.

Online points banking customer loyalty programmes are easy to implement and easy for your retailers to utilise and earn rewards for showing their loyalty to your brand.

Helping you to retain your B2B customers

Building customer loyalty is important for the majority of businesses. It helps ensure your business customers are engaged with your offering, that they stay loyal to your brand, and continually choose to buy and recommend your products and services over your competitors.

At CR Worldwide, we can design, launch and optimise customer loyalty programmes that help to keep your B2B customers returning to your business again and again. Our customer loyalty schemes are:

Easy to implement — Our loyalty schemes can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements, allowing you to launch effective loyalty campaigns quickly and easily for your customers.

Easy to use — Our platforms are made to be straightforward, allowing you to efficiently track things like usage and product performance, while helping your customers to simply track their points, rewards and progress.

Easy to manage — Our programmes offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This makes managing, organising and tracking the success of your customer loyalty schemes quick and simple.

We love helping businesses to reach out, engage and retain their B2B customers, using our customer loyalty schemes. To speak to a member of our award-winning team: