How to reward B2B customer loyalty

Posted by Dan Kelly

If you can provide high-quality products and services to the businesses and industries that you’re targeting, you are more likely to inspire them to revisit time and time again.

But, there’s more to customer loyalty than just providing the basics to an increasingly fickle marketplace. There are plenty of ways that you can elevate the service you provide and really help to foster a loyal, frequently-returning customer base. With that in mind, here is how you can reward customer loyalty in the businesses that you sell to.

Points systems & cumulative benefits

One simple and effective way to reward customers is by using incentives to encourage them to repeatedly use your services or products. Points systems are a great way to implement this. Every time a business buys your products or uses your services, it earns points that are tied to their account, and can be redeemed via your reward catalogue. Within the catalogue, you could offer additional upgrades to your services, or rewarding experiences like a trip to the cinema for the business’s staff.

It might also be useful to provide privileged service to your best, highest-spending customers. Consider charting how much businesses spend with you. Once they reach certain thresholds, you can offer special rewards such as a direct customer support line to a senior team member, free shipping, or upgrades.

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Encouraging customer referrals

Customer referral programmes can be a great way to bring new customers into your business. These might provide discounts and free gifts for each successful referral, which offers a continued incentive to continue driving prospective customers in your direction.

Referral programmes are also doubly helpful because they can easily scale as more people get involved. Each new customer referred might then refer another business, and so on. Every referral has the potential to result in even more customers down the line, which is why rewarding the people who take part can be so effective.

Brand ambassador programmes

You might consider something a little more robust, such as a brand ambassador programme. Existing customers can sing your praises and take a more prominent role in your business’s community, such as by writing features for your site, or providing early access to new products and services.

Essentially, brand ambassador programmes reward your customers by creating a closer relationship between your business and theirs. This gives these customers privileged access to your business, and can help to create more mutually beneficial opportunities and partnerships in future.

You might put on exclusive events for your brand ambassadors as a unique and memorable way to thank them for their custom and the work they’ve done to help your business. For example, invite a handful of your most frequent customers who’ve worked as your brand ambassadors to a dinner you’re hosting.

Giving the businesses that use your services the opportunity to be more than customers can be a unique and inclusive way to reward their loyalty.

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Helping you reward your customers more effectively

How you reward your customers for coming back to your business can be one of the key factors that puts you a cut above your competitors. That’s why it can be so important that you manage your customer loyalty schemes and programmes as effectively as possible.

At CR Worldwide, we can design, launch and optimise customer loyalty programmes that help to keep B2B customers returning to your business. Our customer loyalty schemes are:

Easy to implement — Our loyalty schemes can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements, allowing you to launch effective loyalty campaigns quickly and easily for your customers.

Easy to manage — Our programmes offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This makes managing, organising and tracking the success of your customer loyalty schemes quick and simple.

Easy to use — Our platforms are made to be straightforward, allowing you to efficiently track things like usage and product performance, while helping your customers to simply track their points, rewards and progress.

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