What makes a destination desirable for incentive travel?

Posted by Jo Kelly

Used regularly as a motivational tool, incentive programmes encourage and engage employees.  And to really boost performance, rewards have to be desirable. Incentive travel takes this to a new level, as it doesn’t get much more desirable than an opportunity to visit a top destination!

It is an ideal way of rewarding high performing staff members and can provide extreme motivation for a specific period, like achieving sales targets.

Whatever the reason, it makes sense to maximise your investment and ensure your incentive travel destination has the necessary desirability to drive peak performance.

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Budget well

Choosing your destinations is a vital part of putting your incentive travel programme together. There should be some key considerations in the decision process that will help with planning.  Budgets are obviously a major factor and will be key to your final decision in many cases. Be realistic on budget at the start of the process to enable an informed decision about destinations that fall within your means.

You might also want to consider your options for how to allocate budget. For example, scalable options are possible, giving you the opportunity to match on-trend, exclusive destinations to higher levels of achievement. Alternatively, you have the option to send more people on less expensive trips, so more people benefit.

Decide what needs to happen

Your objectives should also be clearly defined from the beginning – what you’d like the trip to represent or achieve.

  • Is it simply for fun, allowing time for rest and relaxation so that your team arrives home refreshed and ready for action?
  • Should it involve some team-building activities to drive cooperation and team spirit that can be brought back to the office for a newly unified approach?
  • Or would you prefer to include educational elements, perhaps guided tours of city destinations to stimulate the minds and curiosity of your staff?

All of these considerations can be incorporated and will impact your destination choice significantly.

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Your group’s needs

An idea of how many people going on your trip will also make a difference. Intimate groups of five to 10 people will have vastly different requirements to groups of more than a 100.  Similarly, the age of your travellers will be relevant, so that you can theme the activities or entertainment accordingly.

If any participants have experienced incentive travel before, bear in mind where they’ve been to keep the experience fresh and exciting for everyone. If you’re investing in a reward for your staff, make sure it will make them feel good and that the itinerary is appealing.

Once you’ve settled on a destination, don’t forget to check the weather. Climates differ and summer doesn’t fall at the same time everywhere. It may sound obvious, but it can make a huge difference to the experience and affect the value derived from your investment.

Your itinerary

You can’t expect to please everyone, as your travellers are likely to encompass diverse hobbies and preferences. Your best bet is a compromise – so plan a varied schedule that allows for flexibility, with the ability to opt in or out.

Some may want to take advantage of day trips and immerse themselves in local culture, others may prefer to lay by the pool and relax. A mixture of free time and organised activities is always best practice for these kinds of holidays. And if you’ve allowed partners to come along, your employees might like free time to spend together rather than always participating in group exercises.

If your trip has been planned as an educational getaway, including training and company updates, then be sure to offset this with leisure activities to get the best out of your staff and help to maintain concentration and engagement levels.

Your destination may boast a must-see landmark or iconic experience that is really out of the ordinary. This is always worth offering to make the holiday truly memorable and create an emotional connection with your team. If you can offer the chance for people to get involved with something they would never normally do or see, then it will be a story to tell again and again, reliving the feel-good factor created by you and your company.

Trips to make your incentive travel do more

Finding the right destination can help elevate a run of the mill trip into something staff talk about for a long time. Something that drives motivations and builds interest in your next incentive scheme.

Understanding your staff, and finding the right location that appeals to them can be a huge boost to your team, its efforts and productivity both pre and post trip.

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Jo has worked at CR Worldwide as Events Operations Director since 2004. She is responsible for scoping and delivering all types of events, for clients of all sizes, globally. She manages the division’s team who organise and execute award-winning events – ranging from one-off sales floor days, corporate hospitality events and incentive travel trips, to annual conferences and partner summits.