Top five technologies to keep attendees engaged at your next event

Posted by Jo Kelly

Engaging with your audience should be a fundamental objective of every event you hold – if you don’t connect with attendees, what was the point of holding the event in the first place?

Using good company and corporate event ideas to do this are crucial for making your event – and those you hold in the future – a success. The more emotionally and intellectually invested your attendees are, the more likely they will be to enjoy your event, share their experience with others and, ultimately, help to market your next one.

Technology can play an important part in audience engagement at many events. And, with the evolution of technology, the different ways you can engage with your audience has increased. As a result, it’s a lot easier for visitors to interact directly with your brand, learn about your products and read and remember your key messaging.

With technology, it’s also possible to create exciting experiences that keep your attendees engaged, while making your event stand out and memorable.

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Using these five technology trends at your big next event should help do just that.

1) Interactive mirror

This is a sleek information display that allows you to pair information with a multi-touch overlay, which transforms any surface or screen into a multi-touch mirror.

The mirror display can include interactive games and content curation about, for instance, your company, products or event itinerary. Any size screen can also be moulded into a range of applications to suit your brief, creating a versatile, interactive messaging board.

Not only informative, but an attractive and contemporary aesthetic to complement your event environment, interactive mirrors draw visitors and bring your key messages to life. They also help your attendees feel connected to your event, while connecting the event space itself.

2) Wall activations

Taking the concept of the interactive mirror even further, this technology allows an entire wall to be brought to life with information or an interactive design. A wall activation can be built on a large scale, adding a new dimension to your venue and the overall customer experience.

You could display buzzwords, such as your company values, fancy imagery or slick video content. Words and imagery can follow attendees around the event and facilitate interaction in different locations – such as entrance halls to key conferences during the day.

The wall activation could also be updated during the event, perhaps, according to the mood or time of day, with a set of colours or messaging appearing on cue. Displays, for instance, could be used to motivate people as they arrive in the morning, and make the ultimate first impression, help energise them in the afternoon, or keep you front of mind as they exit your doors when the event ends.

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3) Puffer sphere

A simple, visually stunning display unit, a puffer sphere is another way to display key information and messaging at your event and keep attendees engaged. It’s a portable, rugged, full 360° exhibit that can be positioned as freestanding or inverted. This type of presentation display doesn’t involve blank spots, mirrors, or secondary lenses, just maximised messaging space.

The puffer sphere can be used as a stand-alone unit or configured into a networked fleet. It can even be integrated into existing events, trade shows and permanent exhibitions. The sphere can also incorporate multi-touch interactivity, instantly boosting engagement, entertainment and the event experience you provide for your attendees.

4) Socially inspired solutions

Social media can be your fastest route to an external audience, and a good way to get people talking about your event in real time. All technology-based experiences can be centred around social media, driving people to post and share, generating conversations and taking your event beyond its physical boundaries – extending it to people who haven’t attended your event and encouraging them to attend the next one.

One corporate social event idea worth considering to keep your attendees engaged is using an Instagram printer. These kiosks print instant photos that have been posted on social, encouraging people to post to Instagram and Twitter, using your hashtag. This consistently builds your brand’s social media footprint during the event and, for every post with your hashtag, that user’s friends and followers are likely to connect with your brand.

5) AR, VR & MR

Using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) devices at your event is another way to keep attendees engaged. As these technologies evolve, they’re becoming more impressive, more accessible and increasingly popular, yet still new enough to be a real talking point for your attendees.

The options available through these technologies are endless, giving you the opportunity to extend the world of your event or create an exciting experience within the confines of its location – transporting attendees to an exotic destination or into the unknown. Importantly, the technology can be exciting and fun to experience, which your attendees won’t forget, making your brand seem fresh and current and keeping it front of mind.

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From exhibitions to conferences, using technologies like these trends at your company events will position your business as fresh and forward-thinking, as well as providing you with an impactful way to convey your brand, key information and messages.

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