Things to think about when planning a business ski trip for your staff

Posted by Jo Kelly

Skiing trips are a fantastic holiday experience for any family or group of friends, but they can also be an incredible travel incentive reward for your business’s staff.

There are a range of things you can do or provide that will separate your travel incentive experience from that of a regular vacation. We explain how to make your trip that much more unique for your staff.

Who will attend the ski trip

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when planning any incentive reward is just how many people will be coming on the trip.  Knowing who’ll be going, or at least having an idea, will help smooth the planning stages.

But how will you decide who will come? It could be that you’ve recently taken on new work that will immensely help your business grow and you’re looking to reward your entire team, or a select few staff members seem to be performing exceptionally well, or have soared past sales targets, and you think these certain staff members deserve recognition for their dedication and commitment.

Taking the hassle away from your staff

The fact that your staff don’t have to do any of the legwork when organising the entire experience is sure to be appreciated. That the trip will be planned and organised through an incentive rewards company means you’ll be able to have a full itinerary in place without your staff needing to lift a finger or worry about any of the finer details. An Event Manager will also be on hold to ensure it’s an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

As well as taking the hassle away, you could make it that much more special by keeping it a surprise, and simply announcing to your staff out of the blue that you’ve planned a company skiing trip as an incentive reward for a period of hard work. It’ll instantly lift everyone’s spirits, and give them something unique to look forward to.

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Making your trip stand out from a regular vacation

As part of a reward package, you could offer experiences and features of the trip that might not otherwise be feasible, or might not have been thought about.

For example, pay a little more to have an open bar tab while staff are at a meal. It’ll definitely feel rewarding, while allowing them to worry less about spending whatever money they’ve bought with them on enjoying themselves.

On a skiing trip this might mean putting money aside to have a fantastic night at an apres ski resort, providing a welcome diversion from skiing and an opportunity for your staff to relax and let their hair down.

The benefit to a fully-planned incentive trip means that all ski equipment, ski passes and transfers will be included within their trip, meaning everything is hassle-free and your staff can simply enjoy the experience.

More than just skiing?

An incentive trip to a ski resort doesn’t mean that every has to ski. Some of your staff might prefer a little more of a relaxed atmosphere while others slide down the slopes. Or maybe it’s simply a case of adding a little variety to the trip alongside the main attraction of skiing?

Ski resorts will often include a variety of additional events and features to make sure everyone has a wholly memorable experience. For example, your resort may also include a spa for a relaxing, pampering experience. You could also take a short trip into the surrounding towns and cities to experience more of the local culture.

Providing alternatives to skiing is something to consider, it allows you to cater to a greater set of interests and also lets staff have a break from physical activities and provides a much more varied and memorable trip. For example, other things you might do could be sledge riding, or playing curling and bowls out on a frozen lake. Extra activities such as this will be great for helping your team bond, have a little extra fun together, and also generally to help make the experience even more memorable.

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Don’t forget the business add on

Incentive rewards can be more than just an enjoyable experience. You could also add some inspiring and educational elements to it, which will help make your sales team even better., Incorporate some product training, organise a talk led by a industry leader, present awards to your staff in order to show that you value them further. In doing things such as this, you’re giving your staff the tools to go back to the office better than ever and armed with more knowledge and skills to put to use.

Helping you make the most of your skiing incentive trip

There’s a lot that goes into planning a broad and varied incentive reward for your staff. And when you’re planning something as unique as a skiing trip, you want to make sure that you offer a wide range of activities and experiences to make sure your staff have a truly unforgettable time.

At CR Worldwide, incentive travel is one part of the event services we offer. We can quickly, design, develop and implement incentive travel events that provide a range of benefits for you and your staff. Our events are:

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