Q. What’s a fun, inexpensive yet effective way to run a tactical sales incentive? A. SPIF days

Posted by Jo Kelly

SPIF stands for Sales Promotion Incentive and Fun.  It is a sales floor event that is dedicated to driving results in a creative and fun environment with benefits to both employer and employee; alternatively known as hype day or floor walks.

The purpose of a SPIF day

Usually SPIF days are run to generate an increase in awareness or mindshare and will focus on a particular product, range of products or a brand so that the entire day has a specific direction and dedication. They are ideal for a new product launch, or a rebrand, when it’s vital for the sales team to be hyper-aware of key messages and product features. The idea is that the manufacturer or vendor should drive the event by offering incentives for achieving sales targets, maybe spot prizes for the best sale every hour for example. The healthy competition generated by these sorts of days really encourages staff to focus and perform as they not only want to do well amongst their peers, but they also have that added driver of immediate rewards if they do well.

Days in the office can become repetitive and possibly a bit dreary, so it’s easy for staff to become bored and uninspired.  SPIF days are intended to break this cycle and bring some excitement back into the workplace. Often sprung on staff as a surprise, they will generally start with an event manager explaining the day, issuing targets and creating a bit of buzz and hype. Sales staff are often naturally competitive and these days are intended to maximise this in a positive way. There could be regularly updated leader boards, or rolling TV screens with product highlights and reminders of the rewards on offer to high performers. Everything will be designed to keep staff focused, motivated and selling!

SPIF days can also be used as a kick off day to launch the start of a new larger incentive programme and reveal the end of programme trip or website platform that might be part of the initiative and awareness is needed to drive the team to the site. They can also be used midway through the incentive period, to re-focus and re-motivate the staff.

Communication and interaction are key

Communication is so important on the day to keep the event rolling and to ensure that staff know what is expected of them.

Whilst the opening of the day needs to have a significant impact, capture everybody’s interest and get all team members to buy in to the event, it’s also vital to keep interest levels high from start to finish.  It could be easy to generate excitement with the initial announcement and then for things to tail off, especially with the typical afternoon lull that tends to infiltrate most office environments.  This is also where the event manager plays a large part, in keeping the whole sales team focused and driven to succeed throughout.  It could be a simple as walking the sales floor with sweets to give out or healthy fruit and smoothie snacks, depending on your company ethos.  There could be games played periodically, usually short and sharp so as not to provide too much distraction, but enough to refresh the mind so that staff return to their desks invigorated.

Whilst SPIF days definitely create a healthy sense of competition, they also help to boost team spirit as “you’re all in it together” and the fun atmosphere helps to promote engagement and company loyalty.

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Lunch can be laid on, perhaps a pizza delivery or hot dog tricycle to fit the fun atmosphere, so people have the chance to take a break and interact, comparing notes on the day and relaxing together before the competition kicks in again.  Then, as the day draws to a close, SPIF events usually end with a prize giving, to reward the top sellers and to recognise everyone’s hard work throughout.  Whilst this does drive the competitive element during the day, it also helps to bring everyone together at the end and provides a unanimously satisfying conclusion to what is often a riotous day.

Quick, simple, effective

In terms of organisation, the simplicity of SPIF days is another great reason for getting one underway.  They are inexpensive to set up and run, but have a widespread impact across the entire workplace. It is also a tactical way to boost sales with a quick turnaround, and it’s very easy to measure success based on performance against targets throughout the day. Plus with the ability to add product knowledge sessions into the day, you’ll be left with an extremely educated, not to mention super-motivated team, after the event.

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6 Top Tips to implementing a successful SPIF day

  1. Know your objectives and what you want to achieve: Need to be clear with the vision as it helps to plan the event. What are your requirements? What level of involvement is required?
  2. Budget: The scale of the event will be determined by the budget. Need to have a ball park figure in advance, so it can be decided on what’s achievable for the day and what theme to have.
  3. Organisation: Who is the client contact on the day? Who is the office organiser? What space is available on the day, so visibility and impact is high? Logistics and location.
  4. Timings: Who can decide on the best time of the day to speak to the staff, so that their work day isn’t interrupted?
  5. Support: Who is the client contact on the day?  This person needs to be knowledgeable about the product/company so they can answer any questions from staff.
  6. Fun: Don’t lose sight of what the day is about. It should be fun so the staff can feel the excitement and are receptive to what the day is all about – and it turn it will be easier for them to sell as it comes more naturally. Can still answer the goal and objectives of the day, whilst having fun.

Helping your business to run effective SPIF days

Incentive schemes provide new ways to inspire staff to help improve performance, drive sales and increase revenue within your business. SPIF days can be a fantastic way to kick off a successful incentive scheme which can produce long-term benefits for your business.

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