How to tie a business event into your incentive travel trip

Posted by Jo Kelly

Tying a business event into your incentive travel trip can provide a more business-focussed experience for your staff. But what types of events should you consider, what are the benefits of doing so, and how can you effectively make them part of your trip?

Answering these questions and more, this blog explains how to tie a business event to your incentive travel trip.

 Why add a business event to your incentive travel?

There are many benefits to tying a business event to your incentive travel trip. The main advantages are that doing this can:

  • Reinforce an educational element of your trip
  • Build team knowledge across a particular business area
  • Improve specific job skills or staff’s work ethic
  • Further inspire and motivate your employees and add more to your trip

Types of business events to tie in

There are different business events that you can tie into your incentive travel trip. They range from big events that your team could attend for a full day or two, to smaller business-focussed sessions that just last for a couple of hours. Key examples include: 

  • Industry or company conferences
  • Tradeshows or exhibitions
  • A company’s international headquarters or those of your own business, if you have one
  • Training days or sessions, workshops and motivational talks

Different events can offer your staff different opportunities, which can benefit them in different ways. At an industry conference, for instance, your staff could listen to insightful talks at a conference, or they could watch inspiring technology demonstrations at a tradeshow. They could see the hub of a business’s operation at a company’s headquarters. Or they could focus on building their weakest job skills at a training session.

If you work for a global company and your headquarters are overseas, your business event could be a visit to those headquarters. This is also something that can go down well with the dedicated members of your team, as it can be considered a real honour to have a place on a trip where staff can visit the main office. You can allow them to see first-hand what happens there, meet colleagues they’d otherwise not get to, and build rapport and start new relationships. They can also meet senior management, hear about new product development, and, if there is one, have a tour around the factory where those products are manufactured. The buzz of all this can be brought back to your office as excited staff tell their colleagues about the experience.

Creating a staff training day can make another great option for a business event – especially during incentive travel that rewards your highest performers. As all your highest performers are in one place, you can take advantage of this with some good sales training or brainstorming sessions. It could also be a good time to have a product announcement, making those staff feel privileged for hearing the announcement first. Another option is to use the day to enrol your highest performers as brand ambassadors to discuss ways to improve areas of your business, for instance, or incentivise other staff in their roles. They can then start discussions about these topics with their colleagues when they return to the office.

So how do you tie business events like this into an incentive travel trip?

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Planning events from the start

Firstly, it’s important to mention that when planning your incentive travel trip, business events shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your trip should be planned in conjunction with any event, so that it’s part of your itinerary planning from the start. So you should do in-depth research of attractive destinations that you’re considering, along with their annual calendar of business events. This should be in addition to things like making sure accommodation has suitable facilities for training, which will work well alongside other activities in the itinerary.

When planning a ski trip, for instance, you could consider a ski resort that has a good meeting room at one of its hotels. You could then arrange to hire the room on select mornings, for staff sales training to take place, before allocating the rest of the day as free time for employees to enjoy some skiing at the resort.

Considering city destinations

When planning your incentive travel trip and looking for a destination that will provide you with potential business events to attend, it’s worth considering a big city. Large or capital cities where business is buzzing often hold big events, such as conferences and tradeshows. Filled with company offices, hotels, and conference buildings, they are also more likely to have suitable spaces where you can hold a workshop or training session.

Some cities are also associated with certain industries, often holding industry-relevant conferences, with company headquarters of that industry based there. Detroit in US state Michigan, for instance, is known as the car capital of the world. Car conferences have been held there and the city is filled with car company headquarters – ideal if your business is an automotive company.

Building a trip around a business event

Another option is to plan your incentive travel trip around a big company or industry event. Perhaps you have a big international business event in mind that you want to take you staff to, or there might a big two-day conference or partner summit that would be beneficial to your team. Or perhaps your business is planning a big company conference overseas. In such cases, you could build your trip around such events.

Many venues for big conferences are held in some exciting destinations, from Paris and Istanbul to Dallas and Los Angeles, offering plenty for your staff to see and do. So they can provide many once-in-a-lifetime-type activities, making them great locations for your incentive travel. They are also often close to great accommodation – which can offer good deals on group bookings for those attending the nearby conference – with plenty of places to eat, along with well-connected transport.

From engaging conferences to informative training days, tying a business event into your incentive travel can do more for your trip.

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 Making more of your incentive travel

Whether you include one to build knowledge, or improve skills, or just further inspire and motivate your employees, making more of your incentive trip experience can do more for your staff, and your business in return.

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Easy to manage – Run and hosted by dedicated managers, who provide exciting schedules of activities and experiences and help to execute your itinerary.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our services in incentive travel. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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