How to promote your company values through events

Posted by Jo Kelly

Many businesses will have a set of values that underpin their way of operating and communicating.

Sometimes, these values can be great things to use in the promotion of your business as well as in your efforts to drive morale and performance amongst your staff.

One way to really emphasise your company values is through events. We explain what to keep in mind when using an event to highlight what your company stands for.

Choose the right sort of event

Depending on your business’s values some events are going to be more applicable than others or more effective at highlighting the value you want to showcase.

For example, your business might pride itself on constantly looking at new technology and really value a sense of innovation.

A conference or exhibition is a great way to highlight the changes in products over time, showcase expertise and reveal the latest advances you’ve made. Your delivery of this can really help to underpin that sense of innovation and place emphasis on one of the values that underpins your company.

Your choice of event might depend entirely on who you want to promote a value to. For example, an exhibition could be a fantastic way to tell the public or potential partners about the care and attention that goes into the training and motivation of your staff. On the other hand, your staff might not be as appreciative or inspired by this sort of event. From their perspective, a better way to promote that value would be through frequent, dedicated training and team-building events that highlight the care taken in nurturing and developing their skillset.

Focussing on specific values when planning an event can help define your promotion and organisation, allowing you to more effectively showcase your company values.

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Focus your event around a value

Perhaps your business wants to highlight a focus on giving back to the community. Having this front and centre on the branding and promotion for a fundraising event is a great way to do some good while emphasising what your business stands for.

Choosing to theme an event around a specific business value can help you decide how you promote an event and help inform decisions on how the event is run, such as what your goals are and the activities that might be included. This can be useful when looking at budgets and itineraries for the day as you can use how well that value is showcased as a gauge for what you need each element of your event to deliver.

Align your values with sympathetic events

You might work in conjunction with other partners and suppliers. They might have similar values and ideas underpinning their business and could hold their own event to showcase this.

If this is the case, it is always worth seeing if it is possible to have a stand or a presence at these events, as one way to emphasise your own values is to showcase them alongside like-minded people.

This might be at a trade show, or perhaps carrying out a presentation or having a stand at a business conference. Looking for events that are sympathetic to your company values can really help you to reiterate the values of your business, not only to your own customers and suppliers but also to a wider audience through businesses linked to your partners.

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Putting a successful event together is a fantastic way to highlight your values and showcase different elements of your business to a variety of staff, customers and partners. The right execution needs careful planning to ensure each event delivers on its potential.

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