How to plan your incentive travel around a major event

Posted by Jo Kelly

Offering a travel incentive is a fantastic way to inspire and motivate staff. All incentive trips are memorable in some way, but how could you really elevate the incentives you offer to your staff?

One way is to look at planning your trip around a major event. Not only does this help you add an extra memorable element to your offering, but it also helps inform a lot of the promotion and hype you can build around an incentive.

What sort of events could I use?

Looking at events going on globally could be a useful way of narrowing down your choice of destination for an incentive.

You could look at a range of events, including:

  • Sporting events such as international football matches or F1 grand prix races
  • Cultural events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or Glastonbury
  • Fun, famous events such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans or La Tomatina in Valencia

These are events that don’t occur every day and give you a tremendous opportunity to reward your staff with a once in a lifetime event that allows them to make memories and enjoy local culture or exciting sporting events.

Driving hype

The opportunity to take in one of these events is a fantastic way to build interest and hype around your incentive.

Getting staff on board and excited about the destination and activities on offer as a prize is crucial to getting the best results from your incentive.

An interesting location and event can get staff invested in the incentive, especially if it is something that resonates with your team.

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For example, an automotive business offering their top performing sales staff a trip abroad to watch a stage of the F1.

A major event like this could form the core of your promotion for your incentive. A major event or something instantly recognisable like the large food fight that starts La Tomatina, for example, can act as fantastic focal points to build your marketing around.

Shaping the theme

Your choice of event is a great way to add an extra dimension to your theming and make your incentive promotion much more unique.

This might mean that you have specific iconography to use within your incentive. For example, Mardi Gras can use imagery that links to the events such as beads, parades, floats and jazz.

You could even use this theming to launch the incentive with a hype day. Perhaps you could hold a scaled-down version of an event, such as a mini Mardi Gras parade to introduce the products that staff need to focus on or reveal the prize they are competing for.

Use the event to build excitement and create a sense of desire in your team. If they want to go to an event and it is presented as desirable, it can help to drive improved performance and commitment.

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How can CR Worldwide help with your incentive travel?

When you plan any incentive, you want to ensure it delivers the maximum return on investment and potential. Inspiring staff and driving sales to new heights is massively important, so finding the right destination to help elevate your incentive and grab the attention of your team is a major step.

At CR Worldwide, incentive travel is one part of the event services we offer. We can quickly, design, develop and implement incentive travel events that provide a range of benefits for you and your staff. Our events are:

Easy to implement – Our events are quick to set up and are tailored to suit your staff, your needs and business goals.

Engaging – Quickly enhance loyalty and performance, creating an emotional bond with your brand, and increasing company awareness.

Easy to manage – Run and hosted by dedicated managers, who provide exciting schedules of activities and experiences and help to execute your itinerary.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our services in incentive travel. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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