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Posted by Jo Kelly

There are many benefits of incentive travel within an incentives programmefrom achieving goals to increasing loyalty – as some of our previous blogs, like Top 5 benefits to using incentive travelhave explained.

But in addition to these advantages, there are significant perks that can be felt far beyond the trip itself, with long-lasting effects. When you factor all this into the argument for holding an incentive travel trip, there becomes a very powerful message about the effectiveness of this type of employee reward.

So what are the key benefits of incentive travel, which you can experience after a trip? They include:

  • Personal value – staff return from a trip feeling appreciated. This helps them develop a bond with your business, so they see themselves as an integral part of the bigger picture
  • Motivational – refreshed and in high spirits, staff will be inclined to work harder on their return to the office and want to deliver great results in hope of winning future rewards
  • Boosting company morale – once back at work, talk of the trip, such as colleagues’ anecdotes of their different experiences, can create a great office environment. This can, in turn, spread feelings of excitement and positivity about the company
  • Inspiring other employees – this upbeat atmosphere can be very visible in the workplace, inspiring other teams to work hard to achieve similar rewards
  • Improving staff loyalty – when staff are respected and rewarded in this way it can generate a strong sense of loyalty. This can also encourage them to remain with your company for the long-term, further improving business and morale

For reasons like these, it’s important to maximise momentum, such as building on the positive feelings that have been generated by your incentive travel trip and communicate them as widely as possible. In doing this it’s advisable to act quickly, while your employees are reminiscing, sharing stories, and the feel-good factor your trip has created is at its strongest.

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There are many ways you can do this, including:

  • Education – if a training element was incorporated into your incentive travel trip, such as a day at a local company factory to learn about international production, or a session about sales strategies for a new product, consider encouraging the recipients to share these learnings on their return to the office. Perhaps arrange informal training sessions to expand on what they learnt, or task individuals with soapbox sessions to communicate their newfound knowledge and insights.
  • Mix it up – those who travelled together are likely to have developed new relationships, having spent time collectively in a relaxed and non-working environment. Try and cement these new bonds in the workplace to enhance the dynamics of those working teams. You could mix the teams up or simply provide an informal forum for them to spent time together. This could include payday drinks after work or a team pizza lunch.
  • Get creative – time spent outside the office can refresh and invigorate employees, so that their return to the office brings a fresh approach to their work. You can make the most of this by allowing staff to share new ideas and tactics. This could include setting up brainstorming sessions or providing a suggestion box to welcome input, demonstrating that your employees’ opinions are important to you. This could have a real impact on processes, sales techniques and even your bottom line.
  • Brand ambassadors – buzzing from their trip, your incentive travel attendees should naturally take on an unofficial brand ambassador role, especially because of being rewarded in such a generous and exciting way. They are sure to talk up the experience and share it with colleagues – encouraging them to strive for the next incentive travel opportunity – and tell their friends, outside the business, about it too. This can create great brand awareness for you, as they promote your company as a great place to work, which could even attract talent and help boost recruitment further down the line.
  • Set up additional rewards – it’s a good idea to keep spirits high and encourage high performance by running another rewards programme. This could be rewards related to your incentive travel trip – a meal at a fancy Italian restaurant or Italian cooking classes, if your trip destination was Italy, for instance. Alternatively, the reward could be another incentive travel trip, in this case to a country that borders Italy, such as Austria or France. By doing this shortly after the initial trip, your staff are likely to still be excited thinking about their recent travel experiences and very keen to win a place on the new trip.

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Maximising the effectiveness of your incentive travel

When investing in an employee rewards programme for your business, the benefits of incentive travel are many and, as demonstrated, can be far-reaching long after your trip.

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Easy to manage – Run and hosted by dedicated managers, who provide exciting schedules of activities and experiences and help to execute your itinerary.

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