How to Build Resilience in a Challenging Time

Posted by Katy Kattou

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge upheaval for the events industry, so how can event organisers future-proof their business?

Event planners are facing obstacles the likes of which we have never seen before, and the wider business world is scrambling to make sense of the pandemic we face.

According to the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) ‘COVID-19 and Disruption in the Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events Industry Report,’ almost two-thirds of respondents reported that incentive travel programs scheduled for the first half of 2020 were postponed into the second half (~37%) or into 2021 (~25%). Overall, fewer than one-quarter had cancelled their incentive programs entirely.

Lack of public face-to-face interactions and social distancing rules, has seen similar situations for Conferences, Partner Summit events and Meetings, with organisations placing their events on hold, until they can review what situation we will face and how restrictions can be lifted or adapted for large gatherings.

It could be quite easy to focus on the negativity of the situation, but by being unconstructive and pessimistic about the future, doesn’t instil strength. It’s in times like these when we need to adapt, innovate, and build resilience within our teams to navigate through to the other side. Lead from the front, communicate and setting a positive example, will encourage your people to replicate.

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Survive, then thrive

We must all be questioning how it is possible to, not just survive, but also how to thrive when we are posed with such a challenging situation.

Many speakers are presenting lots of advice on how to do this. At CR Worldwide, we have spent time learning how we can develop and overcome difficult times and tried to simplify it.

A particular session we took part in run by Speakers Corner really resonated with us and we wanted to share the main points and how we see it working for teams across, not only the Events Industry, but business in general.

It’s all in the mind

Debra Searle, who sailed the Atlantic solo after being abandoned at sea, shared her “Mindset Toolkit” to help us build a resilience.

  1. Choose Your Attitude
    This is the one thing that we have some kind of control over right now. Choose your attitude for the day, write it down and leave it somewhere visible for you to have as a brain trigger. Make sure its positive in nature and decide how you want to manage that attitude.

75% of job success is down to our attitude- you get to be the one to choose how you respond to the day.

  1. Establish Positive Boosters
    Science proves that a positive attitude enhances our ability to succeed. It influences our intelligence, focus throughout the day, enthusiasm and makes us healthier due to reduced stress.

Create your own boosters, but some to help could be:

  • Be Grateful for something
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Good Sleep
  • Journaling
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Choosing to be Positive
  • Walking in Nature
  • Music

Establishing these boosters will start off being challenging as they are not habit. We need to do the same things every day to embed them in our minds.

We are then able to breakdown challenges effectively, to be able to succeed. We are all in challenging times right now but its embedded in the human psyche to overcome fear. We need to be able to control our feelings and normalise the situation.

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Take strength from others

If fear is stopping us from functioning – stop and re-set. Take stock of your feelings, control them and take strength from your teammates/colleagues.

Former Royal Marine Commander, Jason Fox, shared how the military teach four pillars which is really relevant in these times.

  1. Courage to face challenges. Accept that challenges are part of life
  2. Determination to succeed
  3. The people around you are who you need
  4. Cheerfulness in the face of adversity. Find humour in your day

Building resilience is all about emotional awareness. Pay your emotions the respect they deserve. Ask your emotion why its there and focus your mind on how to get out of it.

Its also so important to be emotionally aware of the people around you, that way you can overcome things as a team and succeed.

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