Corporate event planning tips to help UK businesses stand out

Posted by Jo Kelly

Organising a corporate event is a significant undertaking with so much to consider, from forward planning to your budget.

A great deal of effort, energy and resource is involved in corporate event planning to make sure the execution hits the mark. You don’t just want your event to be a success. You want an outstanding result that leaves your competitors in the shade and keeps your attendees wanting more. So what do you need to consider when planning a corporate event to make sure you achieve all this?

A number of key factors can influence the success of any corporate event. Careful consideration of these can help you engineer the ideal scenario, from engaged attendees to a buzzy atmosphere to requests for future event invites.

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Top tips for event planning

These eight corporate event planning tips cover the main things to think about and help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Timing – While there probably won’t be an ideal date to suit the entirety of your target audience, a sensible approach can maximise turnout. Do your research and consider factors like seasonality, school holidays, financial year-end, and competitor events. This may seem obvious, but it’s integral and the first step on your road to corporate event success.
  2. Venue – Numerous factors should be considered when selecting a venue. For instance, it needs to be easy for people to visit, so accessibility is key. Ask yourself questions like, are there good  transport links? Is there sufficient parking available? Is there on-site accommodation? Once these boxes are ticked, consider the wow factor. For instance, check that your venue provides an added incentive for people to attend. A desirable or unique venue can be a real draw and increase your attendance numbers.
  3. Audience – Throughout your event planning, your audience should be top of mind – after all, they are the ones you want to attract and impress. So think about things like, why they want to be at your event and how you can fulfil their objectives. It’s worth also running a short poll to find out other things, such as what their needs are and what appeals to them. That way you can create an event that aims to fulfil those needs.
  4. Theme – Another way to make your corporate event stand out is to give it a theme. This could tie in with the purpose of your event, such as to launch a product or promote a new service. Alternatively, the time of year or location of your event could work as a theme, such as if it will take place towards Christmas or will be held in Scotland. Whatever it may be, a central theme can provide cohesion and give your event structure and a clear direction.
  5. Content – It’s a good idea to take a fresh approach when it comes to deciding on the content for your event. This is because your attendees are likely to have visited many corporate events in the past. Corporate events can also often be a bit samey. If you present your messages in an innovative and useful way, however, your audience are likely to be impressed. You could include activities to teach them a new skill, like something creative, provide advice they can put into practice, such as about social media or customer service, or include some well-known speakers, who will inspire and engage your audience.
  6. Entertainment – It can’t be all work and no play,  so your corporate event planning should consider including entertainment. This can lighten the mood and keep your guests engaged and help them to enjoy the day. Entertainment could include a gala dinner, music and dancing, a casino, or some stand-up comedy. You should also think about how your entertainment will be presented. Perhaps you’d like to stagger it to break up the day, or prefer to use it to end the event on a high note.
  7. Conversation sparker – It’s worth considering a memorable attraction that can be incorporated into your event to create a focal point and generate some excitement for your attendees. A fun activity, like a world record attempt – the world’s longest Mexican wave, for instance – can work well in achieving this, without being expensive. This can generate a buzz and get people talking about your event, such as instantly sharing the experience on social media. Cleverly executed stunts can also raise awareness and boost attendance numbers at your future events.
  8. Communication – This is of paramount importance. If you don’t communicate your event, you probably won’t have any attendees, so you need to shout about it loud and clear. Once the initial invites are sent out, it’s important to maintain momentum and build anticipation through ongoing communication. Try to mix up the channels you use to ensure you hit everyone too – emails to let your attendees know the agenda, or news stories on your website about confirmed speakers, pushed out through social media. It’s a good idea to keep this up after the event too, in order to gather information and feedback. This way you’re well equipped when it comes to planning your corporate events in the future.

A well-executed corporate event can do many things for your business, but also your staff, from reinforcing your brand to incentivising your sales team to sell a new product.

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