Company event ideas for team building

Posted by Jo Kelly

Team-building company events are an inspiring and fun way to motivate and reward staff, as well as building strong team spirit and cooperation skills. An activity might be run as a celebratory event following a period of intense work or to celebrate a win, or it could simply be used as a motivational exercise to engage staff and encourage them to work together.

There are numerous benefits in business to team-building activities, including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved motivation
  • Building a more effective team
  • Reinvigorating staff
  • Improved communication
  • Developing skills
  • Improved team relations
  • And, it’s fun!

Think outside the box and hold team-building events that have impact.

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It’s worth knowing that there are numerous ways to approach team building and a whole host of activities available when considering company event ideas that work. Some ideas are tried and tested, which your staff are likely to have experienced, while others provide a fresh perspective and a new experience for all those involved. The important thing, though, is to try and avoid the more common and traditional events – clay pigeon shooting and raft building.

Here are three of the more contemporary and engaging company event ideas for team building:

1) Adrenaline activities

When it comes to event planning ideas for team building, a good place to start is an adrenaline-fuelled team activity. This will challenge your staff and ramp up the excitement, while giving them the opportunity to accomplish something they’ve probably never done before.

Consider a rally day involving racing buggies, quad bike trekking, and rally driving. Your staff can have a go at learning some extreme driving skills, like handbrake turns, skid control and Scandinavian flicks. Such an event encourages a bit of healthy competition and helps to build team spirit, as colleagues cheer each other on to the finish line. The fast and furious activity also keeps energy levels high, sending people back to the office with plenty to talk about and some new achievements to make them proud.

Equally as thrilling, a sailing day is another company event idea worth considering for team building. The event relies on team interaction and good communication skills as employees work together to successfully sail their boats through open waters. Such an event also encourages staff to work outside their comfort zone and learn new skills during the event. This all adds up to making it a more memorable experience. Afterwards, employees can really feel that they have accomplished something.

2) Challenges

Holding a fun and entertaining challenge activity, such as a real life Monopoly board game experience, is another good company event for team building. The object of the game is to race through London, visiting as many Monopoly destinations as possible. Players have to fulfil a challenge at each destination and can take in the sights of the capital, while enjoying a couple of drinks at some pubs along the way. Throw in a few Chance and Community Chest cards (like those of the famous board game) and just leave the rest to your team’s creativity and imagination – you’ll be amazed at what they come up with. Reconvene in the evening to share stories over a slap-up dinner and your team-building exercise is complete.

To challenge your team even further, consider a Bear Grylls-style survival experience, which will push them to their limit in a controlled and safe environment. Designed to be inclusive so that participants of all fitness levels will be capable, your team will face the elements while learning survival skills and techniques like high ropes, wilderness rescue and bushcraft – skills at living in the bush. To succeed, teams will need to demonstrate good communication, leadership and management skills, and the ability to work well together.

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3) Setting a world record

If you really want to inspire your company team, you could go a step further and do something that has a world-beating impact on your staff – setting a world record.

A Guinness World Records title challenge is designed to energise employees, bring teams together in a shared sense of achievement and to reaffirm the belief that anything is achievable. This provides employees with a unique and engaging team-building experience and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover what it means to be a record-breaker.

You could tailor your world record-breaking day to your business, its capabilities, or the products you sell. A large-scale biscuit company could try their hand at making the world’s biggest biscuit. Alternatively, a firm on the smaller side, could try beating the fastest time it takes to eat a biscuit. If you hold a big arena event, you could keep you attendees engaged by having them take part in the world’s longest round of applause or Mexican wave.

You could plan record-breaking activities for many company events, like:

  • Conferences
  • Leadership away-days
  • SPIF days
  • Staff parties
  • Training courses

Some of the UK’s biggest brands have had a go at breaking records, as part of a team-building initiative. Kellogg’s, for instance, succeeded in breaking the record for the most number of cereal boxes toppled over in a domino fashion.

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It’s easy to reward your team with a fun and dynamic day, which is both challenging and satisfying. But with so many exciting options to choose from, like extreme activities and setting world records, there’s no need to fall back on the more common raft-building or clay pigeon-shooting events. In addition to working well together as a team, you can keep your staff engaged, happy and inspired.

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