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For many businesses, their annual general meeting (AGM) is an opportunity to gather members of the company in one place and discuss important matters. This includes things like financial performance and future business plans.

These meetings are a key practice for a lot of businesses. They work as a fantastic way to relay information, define long-term goals and create a sense of unity within a company.

This is a lot for a meeting to achieve, which is why it’s important that an AGM is properly organised. And that starts with finding the right place to hold it.


Location is crucial to holding your AGM. You could have a set location that your business uses year after year, or you could change location annually. For instance, if you have a large business with offices across the globe, you could move your meeting from country to country each year.

The key is to make sure that your AGM is held somewhere that can be reached easily by your delegates.

Keep in mind the infrastructure surrounding your potential location and focus on:

  • Roads – is there sufficient motorway access?
  • Rail – are there frequent and direct trains to and from your location?
  • Air – if international delegates will be attending, how much travelling to and from an airport will they have to do?

Finding a location that has easy access to transport links can make attending an AGM easier and more convenient for delegates. So the ability to get to and from a location easily should be one of the major deciding factors when trying to find somewhere to host your meeting.

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Your AGM will need to accommodate a number of people. This could vary depending on your business and its size, with you potentially inviting managers, stakeholders, investors or partners from across your company.

When looking for a venue to hold your AGM, you should find somewhere which will allow you to present to your entire team effectively, as well as potentially provide networking and discussions.

Conference centres are a good starting point for a location. However, depending on the size of your meeting, you could look for somewhere smaller. For instance, a restaurant or a suite in a more interesting location, like a football stadium.

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Your choice of venue can also come down to the facilities on offer. For instance, your AGM could run all day, might include presentations and networking opportunities. This could mean options for catering, internet access and screens are crucial to help disseminate information properly and allow you to take care of your guests.

If international delegates will be attending, you might also need to translate presentations and help guests communicate effectively.

You could also utilise some form of entertainment to create a specific atmosphere or tie into a theme for your AGM. Finding somewhere that will accommodate ideas like these can help you achieve the goals you set out for your meeting.

Helping you to put together the perfect AGM 

Creating an AGM involves bringing together a number of different moving parts, including a good location and venue, to create a successful meeting that benefits your business. Getting this event right can inspire and motivate the key decision makers in your business, and help create a unified vision for your company’s staff to work towards.

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