What should your tech conference involve?

Posted by Jo Kelly

A tech conference can be a great way for industry veterans and newcomers, alike, to share knowledge and advice, and learn about cutting-edge technological advances that can benefit their businesses.

So if you want your tech conference to succeed, what should you include? This CR Worldwide blog aims to explain.

Technology at the forefront 

The cornerstone of a tech conference should always be the technology itself. With so many opportunities to introduce your brand and offerings to new people and make a great impression, you should aim to demonstrate all this with some of the best cutting-edge technology around, alongside what you have to offer.

For example, using virtual reality and augmented reality technology could be a unique and inspiring way to provide information and knowledge at your conference. You could also generate discussions and the sharing of ideas with social media walls. These could display a live update of your social channels, which could have an event-specific hashtag to help people get more involved in the event.

Pictures and thoughts on the event could get broadcasted across social media, and some thought leaders in the industry, who couldn’t attend, might even chime in with their own opinions. This can help lend some weight to your event’s credibility.

There are many simple ways to include technology that can really wow attendees and make it the heart of your conference. If there are any recent or upcoming technological advances in your industry, for instance, consider contacting the product developers and manufacturers about displaying their technology at your event. You could then allocate booths and workshops for them and their innovations, so that attendees can experiment and experience the creations. In addition to providing ways to work with you, this can give technology developers a chance to demonstrate their industry-leading knowledge, market themselves, and create networking links with other businesses and consumers.

Broad selection of speakers

A great way to demonstrate that your technology conference will be worth an attendee’s time is by providing a range of industry-leading speakers, each with a variety of skillsets and prominent strengths.

For example, this could include speakers who have demonstrable and qualified expertise in a range of fields relevant to your industry. Perhaps one speaker could be the developer of a cutting-edge technological advancement. Another could be a well-respected business manager, who could tell delegates about the positive impact that a specific technology has had, since incorporating it into their company.

In doing this, you can broaden the variety of people that speak at your conference, which can help to broaden its appeal to potential attendees when marketing your event.

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It’s one thing to provide a range of top speakers. It’s another to ensure that their speeches and presentations go off without a hitch – especially at a conference where the technology takes centre stage.

So one of the most important things you can do to make your tech conference a success is to ensure that your venue has the capacity to meet all the technological needs that speakers and attendees might have.

This could be as simple as making sure the venue has full Wi-Fi access. Or it could be a case of reaching out to potential speakers in advance to discuss what kind of technological aids they would like to make use of during their talks. This could include a projector screen of a specific size, particular computer software, or just the amount of space they’d like to show off a new product.

This information could also be provided nearer the time as your speakers craft their presentations – just make sure there’s enough time to accommodate their needs to help their talks run smoothly. You could also consider holding a trial run several days before the event, so you can test things such as Wi-Fi availability and whether all your tech is operating as it should.

If you’re looking to show off some of the most cutting-edge technology, you could also reach out to developers and manufacturers well in advance of your event to request some prototypes or pre-production models of their products, currently in development. The creators will appreciate the opportunity to raise awareness of their products and push the benefits of them, while attendees will enjoy getting a sneak preview of their fantastic new industry advancements.

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Learning and networking experiences 

With such a broad range of knowledge and technology to take in, it’s important to make sure your conference is a good length to cover what you need it to. You should ensure there’s enough time for product demonstrations to conclude satisfactorily, for useful Q&A sessions to take place after talks, and for attendees to mingle and network, like at the end of your conference.

Allowing time to network can give delegates time to discuss the thoughts, ideas, and products that they’ve been introduced to through the conference. It can also allow attendees to meet key industry contacts and create new business opportunities, or discuss ways to incorporate some of the featured technology into their company.

Helping you plan an effective tech conference 

Running a successful tech conference can be a great way to push your business that much higher within your industry. Ensuring you’ve got the right support available to help you find the right venue, get your leading technology set up and running, and liaise with industry veterans can help to ensure that your technology conference runs as smoothly as possible, all while leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your attendees.

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