What should your away day objectives be?

Posted by Jo Kelly

When planning an away day, you should have a goal in mind. From team building to training and motivational days, each event will have an intended result, like further engaging staff or helping them learn new skills.

Keeping that objective in mind lets you track what the event is supposed to accomplish and helps you to gauge how successful it has been.

We explain what you should aim to achieve when holding an away day event for your staff.

Team building 

Your away day could be designed to help build cohesion between the different members of your team.

Team-building away days can be anything from survival experiences in a national park to a team day trip to a city. Or staff could be mentally taxed in an escape room, before heading out for a night on the town. Such team-building exercises can help to foster better relationships between staff and improve communication between team members.

They can also help introduce new team members to the colleagues they will work with. This also helps them get to know each other outside of a typical working environment.

The objectives for team building should be:

  • Improve relationships
  • Promote more effective communication
  • Build unity
  • Promote teamwork

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Away days can be used to help build upon existing skillsets within your teams, or they can introduce a team to entirely new techniques to help members work more effectively.

For instance, to help prepare staff for the launch of a new product. Or to help them better understand new policies put in place within your business, which have been driven by changes in market or new legislation.

Training days are often courses and seminars. They could be part of the itinerary on a staff travel incentive, or a self-contained away day, where you provide transport and accommodation for your team.

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The objectives of a staff training day should be:

  • Adoption of new skills
  • Improving existing skill sets
  • Refreshing old skills
  • Adding new skills to a business


Away days can be used to motivate and inspire your staff. For instance, they could help build momentum when going into a busy sales period or be used to introduce a new product. They could also provide a nice reward for staff, which they will associate with your business and use to drive their continued success.

This could be a trip to a conference, a product launch, or a staff trip to visit a landmark or fun attraction, such as a theme park.

Away days designed to motivate should aim to:

  • Boost motivation
  • Improve sales
  • Create momentum
  • Build loyalty to your brand

It’s important to note that away days don’t have to fall specifically into one of these categories. You can tailor an away day to motivate but also build cohesion between staff, for example.

Understanding what you want your event to accomplish, before you start planning, can help to devise an away day that delivers results across your staff that you want to achieve. In turn, this can reap major rewards for your business, like increased motivation and sales.

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