What makes a memorable conference?

Posted by Jo Kelly

Making a conference memorable is a great way to ensure it has lasting impact and leaves people with a positive impression of your business. By demonstrating your ability to put together such a memorable event, it might leave attendees thinking about what else your business can do for them.

Start strong

First impressions are crucial when it comes to ensuring people’s first response to your conference is a positive one.

When people first show up at your event, you only have a short amount of time to make a lasting impression. Experts suggest that you only have seven seconds or less to make an impression before others make a judgement based on what they’ve observed.

This is why it’s important to have friendly greeting staff at the doors of your event. By doing this, attendees can feel reassured and welcomed, which means they get their experience off to a great start. You could also do this to push your brand right from the start too. If staff are dressed in uniforms or more casual outfits which share your brand colours, for instance, it can help reinforce the links between your business and the conference they’ll be experiencing.

The opening hour or so of your conference is also important for making a lasting impression. You could use it to cover the core theme and topics of your event. This could be a presentation on a new law which is going to affect your industry. Or it could be the launch of a new product that looks set to revolutionise your business sector.

Whatever the core theme is – change or technology, for instance – addressing it early and reinforcing it through the rest of your conference can help create both a memorable and informative experience for attendees.

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You could also give everyone a bit of time at the start of the conference to break the ice and network with other attendees.

Great speakers and demonstrations

Hiring fantastic speakers and presenters, who have a proven track record of putting on engaging talks and informative speeches, can be a great way to ensure your conference is a memorable one.

You should consider speakers who are well known or famous within certain industries. Their names and history alone might be enough to create a lot of interest in your conference. Attendees might be particularly happy about getting to listen to a talk from such thought leaders, and will spread the word about your company as a result.

You could also consider speakers who are the creators or manufacturers of technological developments in your industry. These speakers might talk about a development and how it was created, for example, or they could give a demonstration on the benefits it can provide to a business.

It can be especially memorable if these are new technologies which stand to affect your industry over the coming months. Attendees might feel a sense of exclusivity after receiving a sneak preview of some ground-breaking industry developments.

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Ending strong

If a conference has a strong and impressive conclusion, it’ll be more likely to stay in the minds of attendees. This can make it the final thought going through people’s heads as they leave, and the most recent talking point for any post-event networking that occurs.

Perhaps you decide that one of your speakers will be the final keynote address – a respected thought leader summing up the conference in a charismatic and engaging manner, for instance.

Or you could choose to put on some entertainment, like a big concert or hold a post-conference celebratory dinner and disco. It might mean you pay a bit more to hire the entertainment or book a venue that can accommodate it, but it’ll certainly help leave a lasting positive impression on your attendees.

Of course, what you do to end your conference well can depend on its core aims. If you’d like more information about ending your event effectively, read our blog, How to end your conference on a high

How we can help make your conferencing more memorable

Whatever conference you’re running, finding ways to make it even more memorable is a great way to ensure it has a lasting impact and benefits your attendees and, in turn, your business.

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