How technology can transform your partner summit

Posted by Jo Kelly

Technology today can play a big part in adding value to your partner summit. But this isn’t just using tech to impress – bringing style to your event, with no substance.

The right technology, when used cleverly and creatively, can provide a platform for attendees to communicate, and a way for you to inspire and entertain.

From social networking walls to event apps, projection mapping to virtual reality, this blog explains how technology can transform your partner summit.

Technology to inform, interact and communicate

Using technology to provide attendees with information and allow them to interact with each other can be a great way to give your partner summit the edge. A great way to do this is through your social channels. For instance, you could create a Twitter handle and Instagram hashtag for the partner summit, which allows attendees to tweet about the event and send out photos of the sessions they visit and the people they meet.

You could also set up Twitter and Instagram walls, which display live feeds, so attendees can see the messages and photos that are sent through the day. These different features could be displayed across your conference, or they could be grouped together in a social networking zone.

If you choose to include displays of live social feeds, it’s wise to make sure they’re continuously monitored to ensure only appropriate tweets and photos are displayed.

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A good way to provide attendees with information about your partner summit is to set up event apps. This can allow attendees to download key event information and hand-outs, like your conference brochure, a map of the venue, and presentation materials. As well as being impressive, paperless features like this are eco-friendly and can save money on printing costs. Apps can also be used to allow attendees to set up ecards in the form of digital business cards, which they can send out while networking. Or they could be used to allow delegates to vote in live polls about current newsworthy industry topics. You could also display the results to polls on digital boards at your event.

Technology to inspire, motivate and entertain

Another way technology can transform your partner summit is by using it to inspire, motivate or purely entertain your attendees. This could include projection mapping, also known as video mapping or spatial augmented reality. The process involves projecting 3D images of objects, buildings or landscapes on to a wall or structure. You could use this technique to provide an inventive and attention-grabbing way to display images of your latest products, showcase a new lab or office at your company headquarters, or just display your business logo and branding.

Interactive technologies, like virtual reality headsets, are also a great way to take event engagement to the next level, while entertaining and inspiring your attendees. For instance, you could use them to provide exciting experiences within, and outside, the conference world. This could range from an impressive virtual tour of the Amazon rainforest, to a walk around next year’s conference venue, all to inspire attendees to come to your next partner summit.

As well as providing key event information, apps can also be used for gamification to entertain attendees and maintain momentum during the day. This could include an app to provide leaderboards for a digital quiz or computer game, where attendees compete to achieve the highest score. Apps with digital passports could also be set up, so attendees can collect points when they visit different exhibitor stands and seminars. These could be used to encourage people to really explore your event and visit talks or sessions they hadn’t considered attending.

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Ensuring your partner summit stands out

Technology can play a big role in making a partner summit engaging, memorable and stand out from the crowd. However, it is just one of many essential elements. From your venue and agenda to the speakers and entertainment you choose, there’s a lot to consider to ensure your event delivers. You can learn more about this in our article, How to plan an effective partner summit.

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