Defining company conference objectives

Posted by Jo Kelly

Whenever you’re planning a corporate event such as a conference, it’s important to ensure that you have an end goal in mind – a point to the whole conference, stemming from clear objectives.

Not only can this help you to decide on the theme and the content in your conference planning, but it also enables you to chart the event’s overall success by looking at how many of your objectives have been met.

We explain how to define your conference objectives and how you can go about seeing if they’ve been met.

How do I pick my conference objectives?

Any objective you set in business should be aligned with long-term goals and strategy. This is the same with your conference. Using it as a means to communicate ideas en masse to key people in a dynamic way is key to introducing new ways of thinking, while ensuring your staff are kept informed. For instance, managers that attend can inform their team about details of new plans and promotions, helping roll out such developments to the wider business.

A conference can be used for a specific purpose, such as introducing retail managers to an upcoming product in the run up to a busy trading period. Or it can be used to explain new ways of operating and areas of a business, such as KPIs to track a new service offering.

Your conference could also be used for something more general. It could help inspire staff by relaying the latest positive information about the business. Or the event could give employees access to influencers and thought leaders within their field, which they can learn from to discover new ways of bettering their performance at work.

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You should decide on the objectives of your conference, based on its overall topic:

  • Is it to inspire?
  • Is it to raise product awareness?
  • Is it to drive an increase in sales?
  • Is it to increase uptake on a new product or service?

These are the types of questions you should be able to answer throughout your conference planning. From there you can put measures in place to gauge how successful your conference has been in meeting those objectives.

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How do I track the success of my objectives?

Your conference objectives will probably only be reached in the weeks following the event, depending on the end goal. For instance, if the aim was to drive sales of a new product, you will only know if this has been accomplished by observing the sales of the product in question.

In the event of launching a new company policy or way of working, its success would be best tracked by following up on its execution. This could include distributing a staff survey, or setting up an incentive to see how well your staff are adapting to using the new way of working, with an award for the employee who performs the best.

Sales incentives could also be used to see which staff are fired up following a conference that’s designed to inspire. It’s worth remembering that the people who take the most away from a conference will often be the ones who are the most invigorated afterwards.

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