Choosing a venue for your conference

Posted by Jo Kelly

A conference can be an important event for a business. It allows a company to share ideas and information with staff, clients and potential customers. It’s also an opportunity to use important industry figures and help motivate and inspire through keynote speeches.

Choosing the right venue in your conference planning is therefore crucial. Not only does it help provide the right setting for your event, but it also allows you to make several key decisions about what sort of corporate event you should run.


You should first think about what size of event you want to run. Is it a corporate conference just for managers within your company, for instance? Or are you hosting a much larger event that will involve many delegates?

Knowing the size can help when working out what sort of conference venue you should hire.

You should consider somewhere that will create a bustling atmosphere, when it’s filled with people, without feeling cramped. The venue also shouldn’t be so large that the conference feels small.


Specific corporate conference venues often have all the facilities you’ll need to host your event. This includes separate rooms to hold presentations and seminars, and a larger area for keynote speeches and networking to take place.

Access to PA systems, the Internet, and areas for refreshments are also things to consider.

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Finding somewhere that covers all these bases, which has the space to hold all your delegates, is no easy feat, especially if your conference will take place over multiple days. This means there can be additional considerations to make about your chosen location.


You should ensure that the location can be easily reached, especially if people need to travel far to your conference. Ideally, it should be situated near to a hotel where those attendees – who will have to make a long journey to get to and from the event – can stay.

If your corporate conference is only for a day, somewhere to stay isn’t always as important. However, choosing a location with good transport links is still crucial.

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Links and accommodation aside, in terms of location, you should consider a venue which is central to where the majority of your delegates are based. For instance, a town or city in the centre of a county where most of your clients operate.

Providing a location that’s convenient for your delegates can also help put them in a more receptive mindset. This way they’re more likely to engage and positively contribute to your conference.

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