Four new award wins from Recognition Professionals International

Posted by David Gould

We are excited to share that we have been awarded four Best Practice Standard Awards from Recognition Professionals International.

“CR Worldwide does a great job of practicing what they preach. It is good to see a company that is able to prove that the service they’re providing actually works.”

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For over 20 years, Recognition Professionals International have been the leader at the forefront of workforce recognition through its sole focus on recognition education, CRP® certification and 7 Best Practice Standards®.

The 7 Best Practice Standards® are designed to establish objective standards for evaluating employee recognition programmes and recognise organisations that successfully implement recognition programmes, through their awards.

Submitting entries for four of the seven Best Practice Standards, for our own internal CR Heroes recognition programme, we are delighted to have been awarded with excellence for all our them.

CR was one of six organisations to be given this status, and were the top company to have recieved the most amount of wins in the 2020 ceremony.

Recognition Strategy

Detailed recognition strategy that articulates the philosophy and objectives for all recognition practices, including day-to-day, informal, and formal recognition programs.

The Judges feedback included:

“This organization has a well-rounded recognition strategy with each type of recognition program available”

“You can see that CR Worldwide incorporates the mission in the message and delivers a program whose core strategy and values drive the engagement program. Messaging
is branded and reinforces the values displayed to the employees and drives the desired behaviors and outcomes.”

Communication Plan

Establishing and maintaining a strategic communication plan that communicates all aspects of the recognition strategy, including program objectives, recognition processes, events, celebrations, tools, and a contact person for program information.

The Judges feedback included:

“CR Worldwide is best in class when it comes to communication of their recognition program. I would expect no less from an organization whose purpose is assist other organizations with building a recognition program.”

“Great range of communication formats and ways to engage staff.”

Events and Celebrations

Demonstrating how celebrations and award ceremonies are effectively used to recognize its employees.

The Judges feedback included:

“CR Worldwide uses all the tools in the basket to deliver a world class recognition program. The ceremonies are unique and engaging. They find ways to constantly engage their workforce in number of positive ways.”

“Great range of events and opportunities for celebrating staff achievement.”

Change and flexibility

Encouraging flexibility in its recognition program. As changes arise, the organization demonstrates its ability to adjust to changing goals and objectives and the diverse recognition needs of its employees through feedback and employee survey programs.

The Judges feedback included:

“CR Worldwide does a great job of taking in information related to employee’s  requests for change.”

“The program is reviewed regularly, and multiple sources of feedback are gathered. It’s especially great that the employees are able to provide suggestions and feedback which are then reviewed and replied to by leadership.”

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David Gould, CEO of CR Worldwide, said: “A business cannot survive and thrive, without the loyalty and commitment of their workforce. Which is why at CR Worldwide, we make our employees a priority. Each year, we grow and develop our recognition strategy and rewards to improve the opportunities to show appreciation to our staff.

I am incredibly proud that our internal recognition platform has been recognised by the RPI judges as outstanding. CR is passionate about building successful employee recognition and reward platforms for our clients, to make an impact in their business and drive targeted behaviours. This is what we strive to achieve in our organisation, and I firmly believe it has impacted strongly and embedded a company culture that is unrivalled.


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David joined CR Worldwide as CEO in 2014. Leading a team of performance improvement experts, building and managing engagement programs, he is responsible for developing and growing the business to support new and existing clients.