CR Heroes of the Year

Posted by David Gould

CR Worldwide held the annual end of year awards, where we celebrated the individual employees who had demonstrated, fulfilled and illustrated the company values – Can Do, Respected and Innovative. Plus, our teammate who embodied all the values, so should be crowned overall Hero of the Year.

2019 value and hero winners

Hero of the Year award – Kat

Kat embodies all three company values to the Nth degree and is an absolute delight to work with. She is always the first to offer help and support no matter how busy they are. Kat is respectful, passionate, creative, determined, focussed and is exceptional at building strong relationships with others.

Kat is instrumental in the success of many key client programmes, gaining their trust, respect and confidence.

Kat faces any challenge head on and is willing to support the business in any way she can.”

Hero off the year Kat

“Kat is the BEST and always sets the right expectations by communicating with us clearly and effectively at all times. Her attention to detail, commitment to our success and can-do positive attitude made for a perfect partnership.”


Can Do winner – Abbie

Abbie was crowned values winner of the year award for Can Do, because:

“She has already delivered Brexit!  Abbie has worked with all our suppliers to understand our options, made recommendations on changes to implement, onboarded new EU based suppliers, moved products within the catalogue to ensure that European users still had access to a great range of products at competitive pricing.

Can do winner Abbie

Abbie has onboarded and trained a growing number of client suppliers, who now use GPS for their programmes. As well as being instrumental in a number of client programmes helping solve their reward catalogue issues and challenges.

Abbie is fun to work with, conscientious, always happy to help, reliable and a credit to CR Worldwide.”

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Helen Respected winner

“From outstanding client NPS scores to top marks in their project team feedback, Helen has quietly and confidently commanded respect from all around her through her knowledge and expertise, her quick-thinking, clear and confident presenting skills, and her ability to identify and manage project risks and complex client challenges. 

Respected winner – Helen

This year’s winner of the Respected award goes to Helen, a Long Service Legend who has certainly earned it in their 13 years working at CR.

Helen has also been a great mentor to newcomers within the team, taking time to help develop others and share her experiences.  In addition, she has taken it upon herself to own and implement additional projects which will benefit the growth of the business.

2019 has really been Helen’s year to shine!”

Innovation winner – Kelly

Kelly was awarded with the 2019 Innovation award, as:

“She has consistently found news ways to overcome not only very practical challenges but has also had to find ways of embracing old ways, methods and processes and with a firm but often frustrated smile upon her face, she has demonstrated to the business that there is a better way. 

There have been numerous occasions over the past year where Kelly has had to find innovative ways to meet the requirements of the business while balancing bringing people on the journey as painlessly as possible.

kelly innovation award

Hundreds of hours thinking, designing, re-thinking, implementing and tweaking over the last year….whilst convincing and coaching people along the way. 

With Kelly’s fantastic work in creating, building and delivering vast improvements in operational process, will underpin the success of our business for years to come.”

David joined CR Worldwide as CEO in 2014. Leading a team of performance improvement experts, building and managing engagement programs, he is responsible for developing and growing the business to support new and existing clients.