5 reasons why a MyRewards Starter package will benefit your business

Posted by Juliet Caswell

As you take your business on its first steps into an employee reward and recognition programme, MyRewards Starter is an ideal package to help you find your way without fuss or complicated processes. Adaptable and feature-rich, MyRewards delivers global employee recognition, sales and channel incentives and customer loyalty programmes, according to your needs, your budget, and your timeline.

But the package has many other business benefits that can help your company too. This blog looks at five reasons why a MyRewards Starter package will benefit your business.

Explaining MyRewards Starter

MyRewards Starter provides all the key features you need to start incentivising and rewarding your teams, customers or partners in the most straightforward way. In simple terms, the platform awards points for achieving set objectives, which can then be exchanged for a choice of rewards within our Global Rewards Catalogue. You can issue Instant Points Vouchers (IPV), which staff can immediately exchange online for prizes, or they can save up their points to put them towards a larger reward in the catalogue.

MyRewards Starter is our entry-level package, providing access to the white-label, cloud-based MyRewards platform, which integrates seamlessly with third-party applications.

Our flexible and scalable portal can be fully branded to align with your corporate identity and create an integrated hub that communicates, incentivises and recognises the important people in your business.

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When it comes to running the programme, you can opt to take care of it yourself or we can manage it for you. Either way, you’ll receive full training and support materials to ensure you know exactly how it works. You’ll also have access to 24/7 dashboard reporting to track progress and activity across all your registered users.

Package benefits for your business

Implementing our MyRewards Starter package brings plenty of benefits for your company:

1) Quick to launch – Whether you’re introducing a broad, long-term programme or short-term tactical campaign with a seasonal focus, such as Christmas or Black Friday, you can have the MyRewards Starter up and running fast. Its swift two-week launch time makes it a cost-effective solution, which can boost your business targets and help to shift products quickly.

2) Pilot schemes – As a scalable solution, the package can be introduced gradually, allowing you to monitor results before committing. This cost-effective approach to employee incentives allows you to start small, while offering plenty of room to grow. In fact, if you’ve had feedback from your employees that recognition is important to them, this tactical deployment is an ideal quick response that can act as a stepping stone towards it.

3) Offline/offline – MyRewards Starter can help you upgrade from an outdated paper-based system to a cutting-edge programme, which your millennial staff will approve of. With all reporting and tracking online, you’ll have access to all the information you need at a moment’s notice and they’ll be able to monitor their progress easily too.

4) Global reward fulfilment – Ideally suited to companies with an international staff-base, the package has already helped companies to recognise and incentivise staff and partners in 91 countries around the world. The programme features more than 3,500 rewards across its bespoke catalogues, including products, vouchers and experiences.

5) Security and GDPR – MyRewards Starter is a secure system and is already GDPR compliant, which means you have nothing to worry when you’re getting up and running.

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Packages and services to benefit your business

MyRewards Starter provides you with an effective introduction to employee recognition and incentives, benefiting your staff and, in turn, your business. Employee recognition schemes allow you to thank and reward teams or individuals in a number of ways, which can suit different requirements and budgets.

At CR Worldwide, we can plan, organise and run effective employee recognition programmes that can increase morale, performance and staff development across your business. Our employee recognition schemes are:

Easy to implement – Our recognition schemes can be quickly set up, and easily tailored to suit your staff, their needs and your business goals.

Easy to use – We provide simple methods to reward your staff’s hard work and achievements in a way that makes them feel valued, improves their performance and enhances their loyalty, while creating an instant emotional bond with your brand.

Easy to manage – Our programmes offer real-time reporting allowing managers to easily keep track of staff achievements to instantly recognise and reward and reach new goals. A range of exciting rewards can also be selected from a catalogue that we provide.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our employee recognition schemes. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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