Winter sales channel incentives

Posted by Dan Kelly

It’s important to get your sales channel team motivated all through the year, so they put in the best performance when selling your products and services.

But this can be especially important during the winter, in the months running up to Christmas – the busiest time of the year for most businesses.

There are several winter-themed sales incentives options to help you get the most out of your channel partners. To motivate and fire them up when selling your offerings this winter, here are some seasonal sales channel incentives to try:

Short-term sales incentive scheme

A 1-3 month scheme which focusses on increasing sales in the lead up to Christmas. The salespeople who achieve the highest sales in set periods during a set period, such as in a day, week, or month, have the chance of winning a reward. This could be executed in several different ways, such as:

A points banking system – Collect points per sale in the set period. The employee with the highest number of points wins a prize.

Scratchcards – Rewarded to the highest performers in the set period, giving them the chance of winning multiple times.

Prize draws – Taking place each week or month, and the name that’s pulled out wins a reward.

The rewards could also be winter themed, such as a festive hamper, ski trip, or shopping vouchers that need to be used in time for Christmas.

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Winter-themed SPIF days

Another option is to get your sales channel team all fired up with a sales floor day, otherwise known as a SPIF day, before a busy winter sales campaign begins.

These days are engaging sales team incentive events that aims to drive staff results in a fun way and maintain momentum for your brand. To learn more, read our blog, What is a SPIF day?

To make your winter SPIF day fully effective, you could:

  • Have a theme, depending on when it is taking place, for example Halloween, Winter Wonderland, or German Christmas market.
  • Include some fun games and activities. Salespeople can play these to win prizes, helping to motivate them and get them into a competitive mindset. This could include a Halloween-themed simulator, or arcade games based around reindeer racing or snowboarding.
  • Provide food and drink that fits around your chosen theme. For instance, a German Christmas market could include things like German hot dogs, Belgian waffles and crepes, as well as mulled wine and roasted chestnuts.

Winter incentive travel

Finally, incentive travel can be a great way to motivate your sales channel during the winter. You could attach an incentive travel trip to a winter sales campaign, acting as a reward for the team if they hit their final targets.

You could hold the trip at the start of an intense campaign to help get your team fired up to perform well when they return to the office.

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Or, set the trip halfway through a long campaign to help maintain momentum. However you decide to time your trip, incentive travel can help improve staff performance and keep your brand front of mind.

To emphasise the theme, you could choose a winter-based destination for your incentive travel, such as Iceland, Norway or Lapland. You could also include winter-themed activities like skiing, ice skating or sledging. Or, choose more unique experiences like reindeer sledding or glacier hiking, a night in an ice hotel, or a trip to see the Northern Lights.

To learn more about what inspiring places you could take your sales channel team, see our blog, Top winter incentive travel destinations.

Motivating your sales channel team this winter

Holding an incentive scheme during the winter is an ideal way to help your sales channel engage with your brand and offering during a peak season. It also helps drive a consistent level of high performance through the busiest times of the year – the run up to Christmas. The right sales channel incentive can reap major rewards for your business – keeping your brand front of mind and encouraging your partners to prioritise your products and services above others.

At CR Worldwide, we can quickly design, launch and optimise effective channel incentive programmes that drive increased sales for your business. These are:

Easy to implement — Our turnkey MyRewards platform can be tailored to suit your business needs, meaning you can be ready to implement an incentive scheme quickly. 

Easy to use — Our platforms are designed so they’re easy to understand. This means your sales channel teams can easily chart their progress to meet their targets, and view their potential towards winning rewards.

Easy to manage — Our programmes offer real-time reporting in participation with ROI and budget management. This makes managing, organising and tracking the performance of your sales channel team easy for you, while allowing you to quickly assess the full value of your incentive scheme.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your sales channel partners with our channel incentive schemes. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

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