Inspiring your salespeople with a summer channel incentive travel scheme

Posted by Jo Kelly

When it comes to incentivising your salespeople, incentive travel can be an effective choice, especially in the run up to the summer. Who wouldn’t be encouraged to work harder to hit targets to experience a trip to an exciting destination during the holiday season?

If you’re keen to kick-start your sales team or sales channel partners in the heat of the mid-year point, running an incentive travel programme before or through the summer can be particularly beneficial. This blog explains how to go about setting up a summer incentive travel programme. It looks at what to consider when implementing a scheme, and give some examples of exciting destinations that are worth taking your salespeople to this summer.

Why incentive travel?

Whether you manage a sales team or work with sales channel partners, you’re likely to face a constant need to stay ahead of the competition, maintain market share and drive sales. Sales channel teams also often work across a range of brands, so it’s imperative for you that they prioritise your business over others. And this is where incentive rewards can really help, by making your business stand out and your objectives more engaging.

Rewarding your top performers

You can position your incentive travel reward as an aspirational opportunity, so that only the top performers, who really deliver results for your product or services, will win a place on the trip. This set-up should help to drive a bit of healthy competition, ensuring that team members are motivated to work hard on your business objectives for the duration of the campaign.

A platform to track progress

Utilising an online branded and themed platform can allow you to track your team’s progress during an incentives campaign and help demonstrate a proven ROI. Our MyRewards channel sales platforms are a perfect example of how this can work. Everything is managed online, from sales claim forms to proof of sale uploads. This means team members can also keep an eye on their progress, by way of target trackers and leaderboards.

You can also feature details of your chosen incentive travel trip on the platform, alongside the criteria required to win a place, so that it remains visible to staff at all times. This creates an ongoing reminder of the opportunity available, so that participants are consistently encouraged to focus their efforts on your goals.

For larger, global corporations, MyRewards is available in multiple languages, so you can deploy incentive schemes internationally, and include all of your target sellers and resellers with ease.

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Where to take your team?

To give you an idea of what incentive travel trips are popular this summer, we’ve selected three destinations to inspire your incentives programme, which can all provide unforgettable experiences for your team. Including short and long-haul destinations, they offer something to suit every budget and every audience:


This beautiful and historical island has a great deal for your team to experience and do. Malta’s capital city, Valletta, has also been officially classed the European Capital of Culture for 2018. Kicking off with The Malta International Fireworks Festival in April, the fun continues with the International Arts Festival in June, plus wine and jazz festivals and other music events. This includes the open-air concert, Isle of MTV, in June, while DJ Annie Mac hosts the Lost and Found Dance Festival in May – providing plenty of action to build an incentive trip around.

Your team could take an exhilarating speedboat experience or sailing adventure from the Grand Harbour Marina to view the stunning coastline. They could enjoy hotspots like the Blue Lagoon, with its stunning turquoise waters. Or they could see the crystal clear waters of the Blue Grotto, a great spot for first-time snorkelers. Malta also has an emerging wine-making industry, offering popular wine-tasting events.

To find out more about what this stunning and inspiring island has to offer, take a look at our incentive travel inspiration page about Malta.

Hvar, Croatia

The Croatian island of Hvar is a five-star luxury destination, offering relaxation and plenty of fun.

Hvar town encompasses white-stoned venetian renaissance buildings full of precious artworks, along with galleries, boutiques and chic cafes, situated down cobbled streets. This serenity offsets activities such as renting a boat and taking your team island-hopping, kayaking or flyboarding, or the experience of snorkelling around the Pakleni Islands. After all that activity, you and your staff can enjoy Hvar’s après-beach scene and dance the night away within the island’s growing music festival scene.

If you’d like to find out more about what this luxurious and exciting Croatian island has to offer, take a look at our incentive travel inspiration page about Hvar.

Los Angeles, US

Further afield, the excitement of US city LA has something for everyone. You could take your top performers to see the sights of Hollywood, such as its Walk of Fame. This features over 2,600 stars, each bearing a world-famous celebrity name.

The Hollywood Hills provide great opportunities for hiking and amazing views, while the beachfronts offer rollerblading or biking, or games of volleyball or frisbee. Elsewhere, theme park Universal Studios and, about an hour from Hollywood, the Disneyland Resort, offer the ultimate in leisure destinations. Meanwhile, your team’s sports fans could catch a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game, or watch a game of baseball with the LA Dodgers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what this energetic, action-packed city has to offer, take a look at our incentive travel inspiration page about Los Angeles.

Once your trip is underway, all your best-performing people should be in one place. This gives you an opportunity to encourage them to work harder, perform better and achieve more, sending them back to the office as loyal and enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

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An opportunity to get more from your team

With this in mind, it’s important to include a business element in your itinerary. This could involve trips to: 

  • Industry or company conferences
  • Tradeshows or exhibitions
  • Your company’s international headquarters
  • Training days or workshops and motivational talks

You can read more about how to do this in our blog, How to tie a business event into your incentive travel trip.

Helping you put together your incentive travel this summer

Summer Incentive travel can provide an effective way for you to get the most from your sales staff or sales channel team mid-year, from how you set up your incentives programme to the destination you choose for your trip. So to ensure you get all these elements right, it makes sense to get a helping hand to help you put your incentive travel trip together.

At CR worldwide, incentive travel is one part of the event services we offer. We can quickly, design, develop and implement incentive travel events that provide a range of benefits for you and your staff. Our events are:

Easy to implement – Our events are quick to set up and are tailored to suit your staff, your needs and business goals.

Engaging – Quickly enhance loyalty and performance, creating an emotional bond with your brand, and increasing company awareness.

Easy to manage – Run and hosted by dedicated managers, who provide exciting schedules of activities and experiences and help to execute your itinerary.

We’d love to excite, engage and inspire your staff with our services in incentive travel. To speak to a member of our award-winning team:

Jo has worked at CR Worldwide as Events Operations Director since 2004. She is responsible for scoping and delivering all types of events, for clients of all sizes, globally. She manages the division’s team who organise and execute award-winning events – ranging from one-off sales floor days, corporate hospitality events and incentive travel trips, to annual conferences and partner summits.