How to engage your channel partners through events

Posted by Kevin Chamberlain

Your channel sales have access to a range of products and services beyond the ones you provide as a business.

Keeping your brand front of mind and keeping channel sales teams engaged with your business can be the difference between a recommendation and push of your products over someone recommending a competitor.

One way to engage channel partners is through events, but what should you focus on to make sure they get the most from your event and you see the best possible return?

Partner summits

A major event, such as a conference or partner summit can be a fantastic way to appeal directly to your channel partners.

For example, you might use a partner summit to highlight your targets and goals for the next 12 months. Aligning your partners with your vision and goals for your business can go a long way towards keeping them focussed and motivated to help you deliver on those aspirations.

You might choose to further engage your partners by debuting a new product or providing a hand-on session with your latest innovations. This gives channel partners a chance to improve their knowledge of your product offerings while also providing real experience and information which they can use when selling to customers.

Having partners at one event will encourage networking, so they can learn from each other how they are best using your products or services.It also allows you to show appreciation towards them by hosting a gala dinner, so their loyalty is being recognised.

A partner summit is also a fantastic opportunity to launch or inform your partners about sales incentives and rewards opportunities. This can build excitement around your brand and help channel teams focus on your brand, as there’s the potential to win prizes at stake.

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Sales floor days

Whether you choose to launch an incentive at a summit or independently, it is important that you build hype and interest from the onset.

A sales floor day is a perfect opportunity to do this. These events allow for a more focussed look at an incentive, outlining targets, highlighting prizes in more detail and revealing more information about the theme of your incentive.

This is done in fun and engaging ways, from games, to themed sales floor days, to smaller competitions to get team members into the competitive spirit.

Sales floor days make for a fantastic way to get staff members excited about an incentive, and also to help them form a link with your brand.

Remembering a fun day at work, provided by you, can help to keep your brand front of mind, which can have a positive impact on your overall sales.

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Incentive travel

An incentive travel trip can act as a major reward and a way to encourage partners to achieve the specific targets outlined as part of the incentive.

However, with the right choice of location and itinerary, it is possible to use an incentive travel trip to continue to engage your channel sales partners.

Visiting a major tradeshow or a visit your business’s factory or HQ for a tour as part of their trip can help them to learn more about your business and strengthen their knowledge of your brand.

This could involve seeing how products are made, meeting the heads of the company or getting to see what new innovations are on the horizon. These all help to form a link between them and your brand and provide a level of insight into your business that can help them better recommend your brand to their customers.

As the trip is also a reward, the itinerary should also be packed with fun, interesting, must-see and do activities, treating them to a VIP experience. These memories will long be associated with your brand, and as a result the relationship will be stronger.

Helping you to better engage your channel partners

Engaging your travel partners doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right planning and execution, it is possible to deliver events on different scales that can help teams effectively engage with your brand, and learn more about your products and services. This lets them gain the information and insight necessary to improve their ability to sell your products, brand and services to their customers.

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