Channel Sales Incentives: What Are They and How Do They Work?

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Channel sales incentives are a crucial part of any business. They seek to increase engagement of key partners, stakeholders etc in order to increase the share of channel sales. They are a great way to reward channel partners for doing amazing work! Rewarding your channel partners is extremely important, as they are key personnel when it comes to the growth of your business. That said, it is also important that they understand, believe and buy into your brand and the offering of your business.

So we get that channel sales incentives are important, but why and what are they? How do they work? We are here to help.

What Are Channel Sales Incentives?

A channel sales incentive is a scheme/platform of work that allows you to engage and reward your channel partners off the back of successful sales, work or achievements.

Channel sales incentive platforms offer a wide range of rewards and incentives for your channel partners in order to try and encourage them to work harder for you.

Our channel sales incentive programmes are simple, easy to use and very effective and are designed to increase your channel partners knowledge of the brand/business. This increased brand awareness leads to greater loyalty and increased performances.

How Do Channel Sales Incentives Work?

Channel sales incentives work through a number of different benefits and methods. Obviously, in order for a channel sales incentive programme to serve its purpose, it needs to be effective and clear about the goals and objectives. For example, our Channel Sales Incentive programme is proven to work and offers the following benefits:

  • Increase sales and market share growth
  • Raise brand awareness and loyalty
  • Speed to market with campaigns
  • Easy to track performance through target trackers and leaderboards
  • Effective and trackable use of MDF spend
  • Develop brand advocacy and ambassadors
  • Incentivise at business or sales person level
  • Increase product and brand knowledge for more confidence in sales enablement

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