5 ways to reward your UK channel partners

Posted by Katy Kattou

To focus channel partners and gain mindshare, the right reward needs to be offered to motivate them to achieve the desired behaviours. In this blog, we look at the best rewards to present to channel partners, that are appropriate within a post-pandemic environment.

We’ve previously highlighted the necessity for the IT Tech Channel to show a little ‘bouncebackability’ – the need to show resilience, determination to succeed and to overcome adversity. Like from a global pandemic.

Most channel businesses have experienced some ups and downs over the past few months, but now organisations need to look at how to re-engage their channel and encourage partners to be focused on their products and brand. Incentivising partners to boost productivity, monitor performance and evaluate a ROI, can be tracked through a compliant channel sales incentive programme.

But what’s in it for them? An attractive reward would be a good start.

Personalised rewards are a brilliant choice. As people’s personal situations are different and changing frequently, giving them the option to have a tailored reward suitable to them, will go along way.

Organisations need to adapt their business strategy in light of the effects of COVID-19 has had on the industry, which consequently means changing the rewards on offer too and providing some alternative ways to keep them engaged. Here’s five rewards appropriate to include within your channel incentive programme.

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5 ways to reward your channel partners

1) Individual / Family trips

For some people, their priorities for the short term will be their own personal leisure travel. If their preference is to spend time with their loved ones, providing the opportunity for an all-inclusive holiday for a family or couple to a COVID-Safe destination should tick all the boxes when it comes to engaging your partners. 5* luxury holidays in Portugal or even a spa weekend away in Scotland is a great choice.

2) Smaller Localised Groups

All venues must adhere to social distancing guidelines now, which means smaller more intimate options for lunch and dinner locations, as well as lower capacity for organised activities. To keep things simple, having smaller groups within exclusive destinations is the perfect way to offer great, personal experiences and rewards.

We can help you create a high-end luxury and bespoke get always or days out for a niche group of your partners to make them feel extra special.

Luxury Island Retreats like the Spitbank Fort is an incredible hotel for a small group to experience. It has only 9-bedroom suites and based on a private island off the coast of Portsmouth, with bar, hot pool, sauna and sun deck. Perfect for exclusive use and offers great activities like an exhilarating rib boat rids or fun gin tasting in the bar.

3) Unique Hotels

For some, 2020 is the year of the great staycation. As people may not be wanting to get on a plane and jet off abroad, we can offer stays at extraordinary and unique hotels within the UK. There is so much choice, complete with action-packed, fun or chilled activities once there.

For example, a stay at the famous Crazy Bear Boutique hotel in Stadhampton with land zorbing and black powder musket shooting. They offer cocktail master classes, a Thai spa and incredible award-winning dining opportunities. Take a look at our incentive concept here.

A getaway to the Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve where guests can experience the UK’s largest wild animal park is also a great option for your partners. Guests can go on safari to see over 900 animals including the largest herd of black rhino in the UK, western lowland gorillas, tigers, lions and leopards.

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4) Experiences

Whether in small groups or for individuals, you can gift your channel partners with some great experiences within the UK. There are so many fun and exciting things to offer. Cocktail master classes, rib speed boating on the Thames, cookery classes with a celebrity chef or an exhilarating car driving experience at Palmer Sports. Take a look at an example day at this great destination.

5) Outdoor Events

Embracing the great British weather, you could present partners with a private event in a beautiful outdoor space.

One idea is to choose from one of the stunning secret venues across the country and offer a private cinema screening with champagne and street food.

Understandably, COVID-19 has forced vendors to have less face time with their channel partners. Now is the time though, to be front of mind in order to gain mindshare and increased market share. Motivate and incentivise with a reward that will encourage them to help achieve this. There are so many options for rewards to choose from, that can be personalised to partner requirements and appropriate to the current climate we’re living in.

Discuss and be inspired with the endless list of reward possibilities, with our award-winning events team. Contact us today, for a complimentary consultation. Or check out how we have successfully implemented reward solutions in these businesses.