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Jackie joined CR Worldwide in 2010. During that time, she has worked as Campaign Manager, Project Manager, Head of Digital Projects, and Head of Digital Strategy (for HR and sales performance programs). She was promoted to Head of Partnerships in 2018.

Past roles that shaped her career include a position as Motivation Sales Manager for Sodexo, a UK facilities service. She remained in that role for over two and a half years, before becoming Senior Partnership Manager for insurance company HomeServe. Previous to this, she worked for the RAC as a Training Consultant for two and half years, before being promoted to Partnership Manager where she stayed for over three years. Jackie was nominated for an ambassador award for her work in the role.

At CR Worldwide, Jackie is an established integral part of leadership team – bringing new ideas and opportunities – as well as strategic partners to the company. Jackie’s achievements have included creating and implementing performance and engagement solutions, and mentoring team leaders to get the best from their teams. Other big projects she’s worked on in her time at CR include an organisational restructure, increasing business efficiency.

With over 12 years of experience working in the employee engagement and incentive industry, Jackie’s key area of expertise is in forming mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances.