A fast to impact FMCG tactical sales incentive

Program objectives

  • Provide a quick to market, cost-effective solution for a FMCG brand
  • Launch a tactical sales campaign in the 8-week run up to Christmas period
  • Drive sales of selected SKU’s
  • Raise brand awareness with retailers and end customers
  • Keep momentum running throughout the campaign
  • Manage strict rewards budget

The solution

For a quick to launch and cost-effective solution, we recommended using our MyRewards Prize Draw technology.

The eight-week tactical campaign would see retailer sales staff sign up to participate, then earn an entry into a weekly prize draw with every sale made of the eligible promotion products. The more sales they made, the more entries they’d get for that week’s draw.

A new draw would take place each week and all winners would receive an email notification with the details of the prize on. Sales teams had the opportunity to win a prize ranging from high street vouchers, to technology and weekend breaks, holidays and experiences. Plus, company branded merchandise.

We launched the campaign within two weeks.

iMac, iPad and iPhone screens showing the Watch Making Company / MyRewards implementation

What we did

To assist this FMCG brand provide a quick to market solution, we designed and implemented their program, within two weeks. Something which was easily achievable, thanks to our MyRewards® white label technology.

The online program was simple in functionality and content, as we wanted to keep the sales incentive concept for the retailers straightforward.

The site included an About page that included all the details and steps a salesperson had to do to participate in the incentive. Plus, a page listing the eligible products in the promotion and a widget on how to make their sales claims and rewards they could win.

Each user had their own password protected account and could keep track of their sales claims, prize draw entries and the rewards they had won.

To kick start the incentive, we distributed printed posters for retailers to use to brief their members of staff and to place in the staff room to raise the profile of the initiative. To keep momentum throughout the campaign period, weekly email comms were sent to participants providing them with a reminder of all the prizes they had won and to encourage them to keep promoting the brand to the end customer and logging their claims on the platform.

This high-street jewelry brand, had a set prize draw reward budget for the tactical campaign and were keen to provide varying levels of prize values, to reach as many sales people as possible. We provided five tiers of rewards, each with a differing value and quantities associated with each winning prize draw.

Top tier prizes included luxury holidays to Europe and global destinations, mid-tier rewards were UK and European weekend breaks, experiences and technology and base-tier prizes were company branded products and high-street vouchers.

Our digital and events teams worked together to provide a strong range of desirable products from our rewards catalog that would appeal to the audience, as well as being responsible for booking and managing the trips and event experiences for each of the winners.

Brand stakeholders were able to track the performance of the campaign throughout the eight-week period, as they had access to real-time dashboard reporting provided through the MyRewards® platform. They could track user engagement, number of sales claims logged and reward redemptions, all presented through visual charts and graphs. The brand had visibility on sales data from independent retailers, something they hadn’t had access to previously.

This program provided a fast to impact tactical campaign that enhanced brand awareness with both retailers and customers, engaged sales teams with a strong incentive to increase sales focus on the targeted SKUs and rewarded retailers for their loyalty through desirable rewards.

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