Fast launch for quick to impact electrical installer sales incentive

Program objectives

  • Time incentive in conjunction with national advertising campaign
  • Work with wholesalers to promote Philips Lighting
  • Encourage long term loyalty
  • Incentivize electrical installers to purchase Philips products
  • Be the installers brand of choice
  • Increase brand awareness

The solution

To capitalise on the TV program sponsorship of the The Voice and increased coverage of the brand on social media and through advertising, Philips Lighting were looking to take the opportunity to raise the profile of the brand in selected electrical and lighting wholesalers. In addition, Philips Lighting were also launching a new product to market, so wanted to create a big impact quickly, bringing the brand front of mind.

Philips needed a quick and easy to implement solution, so we recommended utilising our MyRewards Starter package that would mean having an impactful initiative launched within three weeks.

iMac, iPad and iPhone screens showing the Philips / MyRewards implementation

What we did

We utilised our MyRewards points banking platform that we use to deliver our global sales incentive and customer loyalty programs.

The flexibility of the technology enabled us to quickly design and implement an online branded portal called Philips Installer Rewards, to fulfil the brands business objectives over a three month tactical campaign period.

This sales incentive program was launched to electrical and lighting wholesalers who could encourage installers to purchase Philips products, by informing them of the initiative. This campaign would enable Philips to reconnect with the electrical installers.

To make an impression with the lighting installers, we kept things simple. For every purchase of a Philips Lighting product, they would receive an Instant Points Voucher (IPV) at the wholesaler checkout, for the chance to win a prize in the online rewards catalog. An IPV is a code printed onto a postcard, that the installer would log-on and insert into the Philips Installer Rewards portal to determine whether they are a winner.

IPV’s were chosen as they provided instant, on the spot recognition for showing loyalty to Philips, over competitor products.

Knowing that they would receive a reward for continually purchasing Philips products, incentivised installers to change their habits and choose Philips for future transactions.

Philips provided us with a rewards budget, which enabled us to determine a breakdown of win:loss ratio for the IPV codes and provide a number of prizes of differing values that would be attached to the codes.

If an installer received a winning code, the platform would inform them instantly that they were a winner, once the code had been input. Each winning code had a points value attached to them which would then be added to the installers individual password protected account. They could then redeem against a selection of rewards that had been carefully selected that would be of interest to the target audience. In addition, Philips merchandise was included.

Philips Lighting stakeholders had access to the real-time reporting dashboards provided by our MyRewards platform. It enabled them to track budget spend, points allocation and redemptions. Philips had strong relationships with the wholesalers, but for the first time, Philips could see which installers were interacting with their brand through the data presenting who was redeeming rewards. Depending on marketing preferences, this allowed Philips to send future marketing communication campaigns, to an audience engaged with their brand and products.

This easy to implement initiative allows Philips Lighting to run the campaign quickly in the future and be reactive to competitor activity, seasonal trends or market changes, as it only takes two weeks to turnaround and make a new industry impact.

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