Quick to implement tactical campaign drives 100% more revenue

Programme objectives

  • Quick to market solution, with fast impact results
  • Simple functionality for easy engagement from installers
  • Incentivise purchases over competitor products
  • Drive sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve customer loyalty

The solution

The business’s division responsible for electrical items such as elements, wiring devices, circuits, switches and sockets etc were looking for a quick to implement solution that would make an impact on their installers fast.

With competitor activity occurring in the same key wholesalers, our client required a simple tactical three month campaign that would raise the profile of the brand and encourage installers to make their product range of choice long-term.

We created a simple yet effective scratchcard campaign called Switch On, that was launched to electrical wholesalers within four weeks.

On every sale of selected SKUs, installers would receive a scratchcard post card at checkout where they would insert the code into an online platform which would reveal if they were a prize winner.

iMac, iPad and iPhone screens showing the Honeywell MK / MyRewards implementation

What we did

We wanted to keep the sales incentive simple, so that the process wasn’t overcomplicated and would encourage installers to engage and participate quickly.

We printed branded postcards, each with a unique code on. They were distributed to selected wholesalers and given to the installers at the till point, when purchasing applicable SKUs in the product line.

Installers learnt quickly that they would receive a scratchcard on each purchase for the chance to win a prize. This would incentivise them to continue to purchase the products (over competitors’) for all their future electrical product requirements. The postcards provided a mechanism to reward installers instantly for their loyalty.

Installers entered their scratchcard code on a branded digital portal, which would tell them instantly if they had a winning code or not. For winning codes, the amount was transferred into points and allocated on the installers account, where they could redeem for prizes within the online rewards catalogue.

Installers had a 1 in 3 chance of receive a winning code with a minimum value of £5. In addition, there were larger prizes up for grabs, known as ‘golden tickets’ which had a 1 in 50 chance of winning. All winners were selected at random, using our online technology.

The business reported that the initial campaign delivered 100% more than they expected in terms of revenue, with 30% more wholesalers participating than forecasted. Key products sales revenue was double year on year.

Due to the success of the easy to implement initiative, the campaign has continued to switch on and run at key promotional, seasonal and tactical times of the year to help drive engagement, momentum and keep the brand front of mind with installers.

The results


Campaign delivered 100% more than they expected in terms of revenue


11% growth in sales for one wholesaler, with sales of key SKUs

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