Reenergised retro campaign encourages increase in customer loyalty

Program objectives

  • Launch an online customer loyalty program targeted at lighting contractors and installers
  • Incentivize the purchase of Thorn products
  • Utilize ‘The Topper Club’ name that was part of a renowned campaign in the 1990s
  • Increase product and brand loyalty

The solution

‘The Topper Club’ campaign launched in the 90’s was renowned in the wholesale lighting marketplace and still talked about in present day as an effective and popular initiative. However this retro campaign was delivered offline and didn’t fulfil current business objectives.

With increased competition from competitor brands, Zumtobel Lighting Group wanted to relaunch this distinguished marketing opportunity and match, plus improve upon the success it had achieved previously. To do this, we proposed utilising our MyRewards technology to build and launch a digital loyalty campaign which would include a fully mobile-optimised website platform.

With every purchase of eligible products from Zumtobel’s product range, Thorn, installers would upload proof of sale to the site, with approved claims receiving points as way of rewarding their loyalty. Points could be redeemed for prizes, within the programs reward catalog.

iMac, iPad and iPhone screens showing the Lighting Company / MyRewards implementation

What we did

Zumtobel Lighting had a comprehensive PR and Marketing campaign in place to promote the new customer loyalty program to installers. Including a Talk Sport Radio advert, press releases into key industry magazines, plus a social media strategy. A launch video was played within wholesalers to promote the benefits and encourage participation.
And Key Account Managers were incentivized to register installers, who would receive an instant points voucher (IPV) worth 1000 points on sign-up. Each IPV postcard had a promotional code on unique to the Key Account Manager, so performance and activity could be efficiently tracked through the code redemptions.

The new online program needed to be implemented efficiently and effectively, in time before the PR and Marketing campaign was live.

To ensure instant engagement from the target audience – electrical contractors and installers – we branded the new digital program, Thorn Lighting Topper Club. This included an online platform which was fully mobile optimized, so that the users could interact with the site on the go. They could easily participate, log claims and reap their rewards, from anywhere.

The main premise of the program was a three-step process for the installers to follow:

  1. Purchase any Thorn products, eligible within the incentive
  2. Register the details of the purchase on Topper Club using the quick and easy claim form
  3. Purchases will be reviewed on a weekly basis and approved claims will be rewarded with points and added to their account

We included on the site, all the details of the process and the range of eligible products. Each SKU had a different value of points the installers could earn, with higher margin products issuing a higher number of points. This was to encourage the installers to purchase and log Thorn products of a higher worth.

With every purchase installers made at participating electrical wholesalers, they could log proof of their sales using the claim form on the Topper Club site, by providing key evidential criteria like date of sale, wholesaler, product, quantity and receipt.

Claims are reviewed weekly and with every approved claim, points were issued to the users personalised account for the amount based on the value against eligible products within the sale.

Users were issued with an automated system communication to inform them of the approved claims. This was designed to keep them engaged with the program and motivated to continue to be loyal to the brand by purchasing further Thorn products and receive rewards for doing so.

An additional way for users to receive extra points was to upload photos to the gallery section of Topper Club, of homes and businesses where the installers had used Thorn products. The Zumtobel stakeholders could use in their brand marketing to promote the product, but it was also a way to show other contractors of the different uses the product range could offer and showcase products they may not have previously used but encourage them to do so.

Each user has their own password-protected personalised account, showing their claim activity and points awarded. Points can be redeemed for a prize within the reward catalog including a wide range of technology products, vouchers, gifts, gadgets, cinema tickets and so much more.

Key program stakeholders have the ability to keep track of the campaign performance through the suite of reporting available through our MyRewards technology. For example, the real-time dashboards show the number of contractors engaged within the site, the number and value of claims submitted and points awarded, plus the rewards redeemed.

We reinvented a retro campaign into a modern innovative, online program that electrical contractors and installers had to be a part of. The program helped to bring more focus on the brand within lighting wholesalers and encouraged a new audience to interact with the Thorn products and encourage loyalty and repeat purchases.

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Reenergised retro campaign encourages increase in customer loyalty

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