Innovative sales incentive initiative providing a 5844% ROI

Program objectives

  • Boost awareness and visibility of the Pirelli brand
  • Improve loyalty with their dealers
  • Make dealers feel part of the premium brand
  • Increase the sales of their prime product range
  • Utilize tactical promotions to boost engagement
  • Encourage repeat behavior

The solution

To implement a sales incentive and loyalty points banking program with Micheldever – the UK’s biggest tyre distributer, with a large dealer network where independent car dealers purchase their tyre supplies. By incentivizing dealers for their loyalty and purchasing key Pirelli products, would build brand advocacy and likelihood of long-term repeat behavior.

iMac, iPad and iPhone screens showing the Pirelli / MyRewards implementation

What we did

Pirelli Prime is a centralised website, at the hub of the incentive and loyalty program, built using our easy to implement, use and manage, MyRewards technology.

As Pirelli are one of the major sponsors of Formula 1, for the programs artwork, we incorporated that as the theme, as it implied exuberance, competitiveness and driving performance. Pirelli Prime was chosen as the program name as ‘Prime Tyres’ are used within Formula 1. But there is also a connotation with being leaders and number one. The audience could instantly associate the name with the brand.

The premise of the program was that the dealers registered to take part, earned points on purchases and points achieved could be redeemed within the rewards catalog. More tyre purchases = more points = more rewards.

Over 2000 homologations (variants of tyres) were applicable in the promotion. Points earned was based on the type of tyres purchased, as each SKU had a different points value. The larger the tyre size, the more points were awarded, as they are traditionally harder to sell through so the dealers should receive more points for the achievement.

Dealers were given other opportunities to gain extra points, through tactical promotions – like double points or triple points. Utilized to highlight SKU’s that weren’t performing as well as others, maintain momentum of the program or drive user engagement.

As an end of year reward and a chance to say thank you to the dealers for their loyalty and program participation, each user received an Instant Points Voucher at Christmas, they could spend within the rewards catalog. This increased site visits by 15% month on month and saw x3 more reward redemptions each day.

The website also included an eLearning portal, complete with guides that assisted the dealers with improving their product knowledge.

The program was supported by email communications, with content being sent regarding promotions, rewards, product knowledge and points summary.

To kick-start the initiative, we ran a launch program to the Micheldever Account Managers to ensure they had full understanding of the campaign mechanics, so they could encourage their dealers to sign up.

To engage the users, upon sign up each dealer received a launch pack that included handouts, candy, branded cap and cup.

To ensure the programme was fulfilling user needs and expectations, we sent out an Engagement Survey to dealers to gain some insights and opinions.

98% of dealers agreed that taking part in Pirelli Prime has resulted in buying and selling more Pirelli tyres. With 75% of users being likely/strongly likely to recommend Pirelli Prime as a business tool to other tyre dealers. The program saw 85% of users interact with the site regularly and 94% of users rating the rewards offering as good or very good.

“CR Worldwide has met our requirements perfectly. The work done laying the foundations by the initial development team was crucial to realising the potential of the program we’d envisaged. It has enabled us to deliver over and above on the key customer KPIs we identified. The flexibility and versatility of the site are the unique selling points which enable us to be the reference point for such initiatives in the industry. The support and regular communications with the CR team ensure that the program runs smoothly.”

Senior Trade & Consumer Marketing Analyst, Pirelli

The results


Pirelli has seen a 5844% ROI


300% increase in the number of sales logged

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Innovative sales incentive initiative providing a 5844% ROI

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