Customer loyalty schemes to ensure returning business

Start driving long-term customer devotion

CR Worldwide quickly designs, launches and optimizes high-impact customer loyalty programs that drive engagement to:

  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Increased sales through repeat purchases
  • Increase share of wallet
  • Promote cross or up selling
  • Retained client base
  • Customer profiling and insights
  • Ready-made brand advocates
  • Enhanced relationships and better customer service

All powered by our Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Manage MyRewards technology platform.

Customer loyalty schemes are a highly effective way of establishing and maintaining long running and trusted relationships with your customers and B2B clients. It is important to maintain this relationship to build brand loyalty and set your business apart from your competitors.

Customer Retention

The process of gaining new customers isn’t always easy – it can take up a lot of your time, resources and focus to find new clients. For B2B businesses, customer retention is vital to long-term success.  Long-time customers are often more relaxed when it comes to their needs, as they are familiar with the service they have received and confident in your ability to meet their needs. It also becomes easier to upsell products to an existing customer who trusts your expertise, rather than a new client.

Corporate loyalty programs are flexible enough to tailor to all business objectives, as well as creating more opportunities by providing exclusive customer data. A B2B or customer loyalty platform allows you to have an online system where customers can sign in to accrue points based on actions such as referrals to other customers, or continued loyalty through repeat business.

Using a loyalty platform can quickly turn into a win-win situation, as your company can retain a customer’s business, while they in turn receive benefits from your company as a token of appreciation for their commitment.

Ensure returning business & loyalty

How do you ensure returning business and a loyal customer base? Customer loyalty schemes are a proven method to increase return custom and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Customer loyalty programs can take many forms from point systems for discounts through to big prizes.

Every company is different, so your incentives should be too. With CR Worldwide, nothing is set in stone. Our experts help you to tailor your customer loyalty program to target your USPs, customer demographics and the values of your company so you can offer the incentives that work for your customers.

Customer Loyalty Success Stories

Here’s how CR Worldwide helps brands around the globe retain and strengthen their customer relationships.

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Innovative sales incentive initiative providing a 5844% ROI

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Driving a 270% rise in product sales with enhanced brand awareness

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Simple, quick to market FMCG campaign for increased customer loyalty

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Our MyRewards Platform speeds program results

Our market-leading online customer loyalty program platform provides total performance tracking, reward redemption and a communications hub that’s ideal for engaging employees. This online points banking platform is a ‘white label’ system, so it can be fully customized to your company’s brand identity. Each user has their own unique, password-protected account that allows them to earn, save and redeem points for rewards securely within the platform.

How a customer loyalty scheme improves business

Customer loyalty schemes have proven time and time again to improve business. From ensuring a strong customer base to organically building brand ambassadors who are loyal to your business and would recommend you to their friends.

Customer retention

Building a base of loyal customers is important for any business as it helps to ensure customers return to your brand and continue to make use of your products and services.

For some companies, customer retention is essential for ongoing business strength and ensuring steady and constant growth. Customer loyalty schemes make this possible.

Forging and nurturing a strong relationship between customers and a business can be easily achieved by rewarding customer loyalty. Rewarding customers for purchasing can increase that feeling of being appreciated and enhance the relationship customers have with the supplier.

Using a B2B loyalty platform or corporate loyalty scheme means that customers feel valued, which is critical to ensuring they continue to rely on your business.

Better customer experience

Loyalty schemes can help you to add additional value to your customer experience, from discounts on products to points that can be redeemed against additional rewards. This helps to create a much more enjoyable purchasing experience which when coupled with excellent customer service can help to build a lasting sense of brand loyalty which can increase sales within your business.

Customer brand ambassadors

Customer loyalty is essential for creating authentic and organic brand ambassadors. These are customers who trust you and enjoy the experience of buying from or working with your business. Satisfied and loyal customers will recommend you to others and help your business to grow.

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