Conferences & Meetings

Where ideas are engaged and your vision can flourish

CR Worldwide effectively designs, develops and implements high-impact conferences and meetings with a clear focus on supporting a business’ goals, including:

  • Empowering attendees with confidence in the brand or product
  • Educating and providing new knowledge
  • Inspiring loyalty and improving relationships
  • Increasing staff morale and retention
  • Motivating attendees to be more productive and do more
  • Connecting with their people globally or locally
  • Celebrating success and achievements
  • Fostering a “must-attend” delegate experience

Why do you need conferences & meetings?

Events, be that conferences, annual meetings, partner summits or award dinners, are vital as ways to communicate with staff and customers. From launching an exciting new product, revealing fiscal success or setting the foundation for new ideas, a conference can keep staff engaged and help share information and ideas effectively.

Helping to share ideas and keep your staff engaged and inspired

Conferences and meetings are important to any business. They are a key means of reaching staff, customers or partners and disseminating information.

Hosting a conference allows your business to foster and improve collaboration between team members while promoting more effective networking and communication.

Effective conferences allow you to align attendees to your brand and company vision, promote thought leadership, inspire and educate, in turn helping to stimulate new ways of thinking amongst your staff and business. Running an effective conference or meeting enables your business to boost engagement as well as educating and motivating partners, customers and staff.

Events success stories

Here’s how CR Worldwide helps brands around the globe implement high-impact events

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EMEA’s largest data storage conference

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The Power of Collaboration

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‘Powering Partners’ to do more in the channel

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How our conference planning expertise can benefit your business

Clients rely on us, using our wealth of experience to deliver a range of conferences, meetings and corporate events. We work alongside clients to help define clear objectives for their event, their sponsors and attendees. From the planning stage, organising venues, promotion, logistics and communication, to risk assessments, security and health and safety provision during the event. We also provide delegate management, speaker and exhibitor support, including session and social event management.

Regardless of the size of the event our full service corporate events team can organise and deliver an event of any type.