Channel Incentives Platform

Increase your share of channel sales

CR Worldwide quickly designs, launches and optimizes channel incentive programs that engage your channel partners and inspire them to work harder for you.

  • Increase sales and market share growth
  • Raise brand awareness and loyalty
  • Speed to market with campaigns
  • Easy to track performance through target trackers and leader boards
  • Effective and trackable use of MDF spend
  • Develop brand advocacy and ambassadors
  • Incentivize at business level or at sales person level
  • Increase product and brand knowledge for more confidence in sales enablement

A channel incentive program is a way to reward your channel partners for successful work – as channel partners are key to the growth of your business, it’s essential that they understand and believe in your brand and product offerings.

Channel incentive programs are built strategically to make sure partners are on board and fully motivated to sell. The most successful incentive programs are simple yet engaging, designed to increase your partners’ knowledge – improving performance and loyalty.

Your sales incentive program should engage your channel partners and inspire them to work harder for you. The most engaging programs are straightforward, using a single-sign-on site to provide training as well as product information and brand updates, alongside incentives.

These sites become mutually beneficial, as your channel partners learn more about your brand and products in order to sell them and be rewarded for doing so.

All powered by our Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Manage MyRewards technology platform.

Channel Incentive Success Stories

Here’s how CR Worldwide helps these brands maximize the value of their channel relationships.

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Global channel program driving 1447% increase in sales claims

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Custom sales and incentive trip program drives boost in sales

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Nuance Logo

Custom channel incentive program increases pipeline sales by 35%

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Our MyRewards Platform speeds program results

Our market-leading online channel incentive program platform provides total performance tracking, reward redemption and a communications hub that’s ideal for engaging employees and managing your channel programs. This online points banking platform is a ‘white label’ system, so it can be fully customized to your company’s brand identity. Each user has their own unique, password-protected account that allows them to earn, save and redeem points for rewards securely within the platform.

Measuring success in channel incentive programs

There are a variety of different ways you can measure the performance of your sales channel via your incentive program, whilst tracking ROI. Target trackers allow you to monitor progress, from both an individual and sales team level. Meanwhile, leaderboards allow you to maintain a sense of healthy competition between staff, as well as enabling you to assess progress and track KPIs throughout.

Once you’ve decided to launch an incentive initiative, it’s crucial to decide how participants will earn credits and ultimately redeem rewards. Offering a points-based model works to drive performance. Points can be accumulated through a variety of behaviors – from completing training modules, to logging sales opportunities and registering deals. Ultimately, rewards can be redeemed using points – and what you offer can be tailored for your audience if required.