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The Evolution of Employee Recognition

This video shows the ways businesses have rewarded and motivated their employees has shifted over time, because companies need to be adaptable when showing staff their worth and appreciation.


Who is CR Worldwide?

We are performance improvement experts, passionate about building sales, recognition, event and reward programs that get outstanding results for our customers. Get inspired to see how we are the right partner for you.


How to motivate sales teams through incentives

An engaged sales team will drive better business performance. This video explores how incentivising staff through implementing a reward program can help to achieve this.


Utilising events to engage your people

This video explains how you can bring your key people together through incentive travel, conferences, partner summits, team events, sales floor days or hospitality, to help engage your people and grow your business.


The importance of employee recognition in business 

We share how creating a culture of appreciation and recognition within your organisation, will build a happier, productive and engaged workforce, which in turn will improve retention and staff loyalty.