Virtual Reality Conferencing

There’s no better way to connect, network and inspire customers, partners or employees, than with a conference event.

Conferences or Partner Summits are built into most marketing and business plans as the annual focus and highlight of the year, because they provide an opportunity to:

  • Align the audience with the company vision
  • Boost engagement and motivate by sharing new ideas
  • Communicate, collaborate and provide networking with peers
  • Educate and provide new knowledge
  • Launch a new product
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Connect people globally

Face-to-face interaction is always the preferred option. But when challenged with cancelling a conference due to a pandemic virus outbreak for example, that’s had hundreds of hours of planning, event management and organization dedicated to it, not to mention a ready-made audience poised and willing to attend, what’s the alternative option?

Why not create a fully branded, immersive, virtual environment for your delegates to attend?

The conference will be taken online, which will enable the audience to virtually navigate through the interactive spaces (keynote sessions, breakouts, exhibitions), connecting them through audio, video, webinars, chat and polls to get the conversation going.

Download this guide and let us inspire you on the new alternative for your conference.