The Ultimate Guide to Channel Incentive Programs

In this free-to-download guide, you will learn the benefits of building an incentive program to motivate not only individual salespeople but your partner organisations at a macro level. You’ll understand how to effectively calculate the return on your investment before gaining buy-in from internal and external stakeholders.

By driving objectives based on mutual business benefit, you create stronger and deeper relationships. Further enabling your extended sales teams and rewarding desired behaviors helps to motivate them to represent your brand and sell more.

Download your copy of today and start building better engagement with your partners.

Chapters in The Ultimate Guide to Channel Incentive Programs include:

  1. Motivating your sales channel
  2. Why set up an incentive program?
  3. Obtaining Buy in
  4. Compliance – GDPR, Tax, Bribary & Corruption considerations
  5. Building and developing the right program
  6. Launching and managing your incentive program
  7. Results and ROI
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